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1. Posted by jem21 (Full Member 31 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi, my friend n i will arrive evening time to our hotel in Singapore, we will stay there that night then have the next day n night there brfore catching are flight to Australia the day after that. so we do have one full day there to explore etc.

what would you recommend we do/see/vist - any good tours etc, but we are budget backpackers on our way to Aus, S.pore is a stopover so wont b spending too much money - but where are the best / nicest places to explore, chill, eat out, look around etc???

looking 4ward to your replies - Also have 2nights and one day in Dubai prior to Singapore - any good places in dubai at resonable price to check out???



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Not sure about Dubai, sorry.

For Singapore, the following places should be okay for 1 day:

Orchard Road - There are Borders, Hard Rock Cafe, Kinokuniya, Centrepoint, etc, etc. The whole stretch will take you a few hours.

Chinatown - good stop for some local Chinese flavour.

Geylang and the East area have several good eating spots.

Have fun.

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hullo jem,

there are some fun things to do and places to visit that won't require much money.

at Changi Airport there is a free Singapore Tour. its a free 2-hour sightseeing tour. there are 5 tours every day between 10am and 5pm. i've not actually been on it before but i recently met a Swiss couple who had enjoyed it. it's actually a tour for transit/transfer passengers, so i am not sure if you will be eligible to join. but you can make enquiries at www.changiairport.com.sg if you are interested.

alternatively, if you do not qualify for the free tour, you could do a couple of walking tours on your own. www.realdestination.com/pages/singapore_home.html recommends a few routes for first time visitors. on the left menu, click on itineraries.

if you'd rather relax by the water instead of going sightseeing, you may like the Big Splash www.bigsplash.com.sg. its a seawater swimming complex with long water slides. admission is free. to save on food and drinks, i'd suggest purchasing your drinks, snacks or sandwiches, etc at a supermarket/convenience store/food centre before making your way there.

admission into the Singapore Botanic Gardens www.sbg.org.sg/index.asp is also free, if trees and flowers are your cup of tea. however, the National Orchid Garden, which is part of the botanic gardens, charges $5 for adults and $1 for students for admission.

hope you'll find the information useful!

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Generally, Singapore is like most big cities...all concrete and people!!! BUT, if you want to see something more flavourful, here are some suggestions:

1. Chinatown - take the MRT (underground system in S'pore) to Chinatown station and have a look around.

2. Little India - also accessible by MRT, interesting temples and Indian culture

3. Esplanade - locals fondly call it "the durian", due to its striking resemblance to a certain kind of SEA fruit. Its the Arts centre, worth a quick look anyway.

4.Sentosa? - its an island off Singapore...not too much to see I guess, maybe u can check out the website, google it, and see is anything catches your attention. Entrance is $2 and the beach is free. There is a good chill out beach bar called Coastes there.

5. Singaporean seafood is not too bad...try this place, Ubin seafood near Keppel Marina, nice rustic ambience and good seafood, but make sure its not raining when u go...i can find the exact address for u if u r interested;)

6. In any case, make sure u go to a so called "hawker centres" in Singapore for supper/dinner...if u r interested, we can give u guys a few suggestions as to what to order!:) They are everywhere, can give u locations if u want too.

7. Most chill out drinking spots in Singapore are not cheap...but if u want good wine with a very very relaxed atmosphere and decent prices, that would be about S$25-40 a bottle, Dempsey Rd has 2 such places u can check out too. Otherwise, beer and alcohol are generally pricey in Singapore due to taxes unless u catch the happy hours...

Perhaps u can let us know what u like to do so we can give better suggestions?

5. Posted by jem21 (Full Member 31 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Wow - thanks for all that information guys, it makes me wana stay longer than our allocated stopver time, there seems like soooo many nice places to explore.

China town and Little India both sound intresting, as does the botanical gardens,

Yan, the bigslash sounds good, as does that singapore tour from the airport, i will check that one out.

Also, roughly how many singapore dollars will i need, if im there for 2dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 luches, plus fares to and from airport - is there a cheap bus instead of taking the taxi - will are staying at the Albert Court Hotel - if that helps, also addional costs on top for cheap walkabout/exploring tours - poss a boat ride or somthing or that cable car idea??? how many dollars would all that set me back roughly???

Thank you again for all that really helpful info - much appriciated to you all

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When I flew into Singapore I think I paid S$7.50 for a minibus from the airport to my hotel. It's sort of a cross between a taxi and a bus cos it drops you off at the door but it gives a few people a lift at the same time, so it works out cheaper. I arrived late at night though, so if you're arriving during the day then the MRT subway is probably your best bet. Can't remember the exact price but I think from the airport into the CBD of Singapore cost about S$2 on the MRT (plus S$1 deposit).

If you can I'd try and extend your stay in Singapore for 3 or 4 days, but if you're stuck to 2 days and 1 night then my recommendation would be to have a walk along Orchard Road in the morning/afternoon (especially if you like shopping), before going to the Night Safari in the evening.

For meals it depends on how well you want to eat. At the food courts (which are in the basement of virtually every building) you can get decent meals for S$5-7.

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hehehe, the big slash - that'd certainly be a stopover to remember!

food - depends on where you eat and what you eat.
a meal (food and drink) at a coffee shop or hawker centre (i.e. not air-conditioned, may not be very clean, vendors may not speak English) could cost $3 to $5.
a meal at a food court (air-conditioned, cleaner, with English board-menus, self-service), takeway sushi or bento box from the supermarket, or fast food set meal could cost $5 to $8.
a meal at a restuarant or cafe (air-conditioned, clean, waiters, english menus) will generally be in excess of $15.

transport to and from albert court hotel - depends on time of arrival/departure.
the mrt only operates until midnight. the mrt station nearest to your hotel looks like Little India, but best to check with the train station staff or the hotel staff. from there, there are several buses you can take up the road. it should be a couple of stops. alternatively you could walk from the station. either way, you should ask the train station staff for directions if you're unsure. the train ride will prob'ly cost a few dollars.
if you arrive after midnight, there aren't many choices. i would go with the minibus as it is much cheaper than a taxi.

cost of cable car rides: www.cablecar.com.sg

cost of boat rides:
www.singaporeexplorer.com.sg/riverboat.htm click river boat service information
or www.rivercruise.com.sg/services.htm

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Yeah, I agree with Yan...cheapest way to town if u arrive in dead of night is by the minibus...

The MRT will also take you there if your arrival time permits... Little India is the nearest stop, will probably cost you about $1.50 per person, only problem is that you have to change at an interchange (Outram Park), so if you have large luggages, its a bit of a pain...

Its a wonderful location, Albert Park hotel, very central and its a nice place too!

Just let us know if u need any more information :) hope u have a good time in Singapore

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i spent 2 days in dubai after my russian trip.
i did a lot of shopping and let me tell you, dubai is expensive!
i dont know why everyone says dubai is cheap. unbelievable.
food is really no prob. but no alcohol coz its an islamic country.
however its very modern and has some night clubs as well.
taxi fares are expensive. please get ready with your money.

i went to burj al arab. the self proclaimed 7 star hotel.
its quite far from the city. you have to make reservations to
have lunch/dinner there. lunch is 200 dirham, dinner is 250 dirham.
or they wont let you eat there, seriously. proper clothes.
beside the hotel, there's a water theme park.

i also went for a desert safari in the evening. you will go through
the desert on a 4 wheel drive (rollercoaster ride) to see the sun sets. its beautiful.
later, at night they'll bring you to like an oasis to have dinner
kebabs, shisha etc. there's a belly dance and camel ride for free.

the hard rock cafe is 100 km from burj al arab and planet hollywood is in the city. hope that helps and have fun!