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These are the movies/telemovies i have found, some i have seen.....not many out there but a movie called 'backpacker' coming in 2009 which looks good, anyone know of any others... I reckoned that 'Americano' must be the best effort so far, although it gets a bit weird at times....

1. Euro Trip (5.8/10)
2. Hostel I & II (6.2/10 & 5.6/10)
3. A Map for Saturday (Independent movie- haven't seen it)
4. Paradise Lost aka Turistas (5.5)
5. Americano (7.3/10)
6. American werewolf in London (7.0/10)
7. The Beach (6.1/10)
8. The English Teacher (Independent movie - haven't seen it)
9. Wolf creek (6.9/10)
10. Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback (TV) (7.1/10)
11. Return to Paradise - (haven't seen it)
12. Before the Sunrise (haven't seen it)
13. The Ruins (maybe a bit backpacking - haven't seen it)

14. Coming in 2009 - Backpacker

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The one stet in BRAZIL and they were put in some hospital where their organs were removed to be sold.

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and that movie set in PENANG, About the MEDIA kills people.
the main actress is Anne H. (COURT ROOM drama)

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I would recommend A Map For Saturday. It's a great documentary on living life from hostel to hostel.

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the best backpacker doc I have seen is Chris Roe's "Pop & Me" about his year long round the world with his father who was going through a midlife crisis.

I think Sean Penn's "Into The Wild" counts as a backpacker movie, doesn't it?


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Saw "Into the Wild" recently. Had read the book first. The book is much better!

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'Motorcycle Diaries' about Che's trip through SA.
Bloody good movie.

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This reminded me on when I was travelling in a campervan with my best friend in New Zealand in 2003
and we watched Kombi Nation in the cinema.
It was a quite funny movie, especially the fact that it was about people like us, just playing in Europe.
Another backpacker movie I recently saw, was Hotel Very Welcome followed by a discussion with the (German) director which was quite interesting.
Didn't love the film, but thought especially the accents of all the people were hilarious ;).

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I don't know about backpacker themed, but any film that has a good road trip in it and/or possesses a humanistic quality that encompasses change, social abandon or even coming-of-age are what truly inspire me to go out and discover not just the world but the fundamental reason for being human in the first place.

A few of my favourites are:

'The Go Getter' (USA)
'The World's Fastast Indian' (New Zealand/USA)
'Transamerica' (USA)
'Motorcycle Diaries' (Latin America)
'Into The Wild' (USA)
'Easy Rider' (USA)
'The Darjeering Limited' (India)
'Thelma & Louise' (USA)
'Y Tu Mama Tabian' (And Your Mother Too) (Mexico)
'3 Hari Untuk Selamanya' (3 Days To Forever) (Indonesia)
'Under the Tuscan Sun' (Italy/USA)
'The Mosquito Coast' (Central America/USA)
'Almost Famous' (USA)
'Hideous Kinky' (Morocco)
'The Beach' (Thailand)
'Wild Strawberries' (Germany)
'Morning Of The Earth' (Australia/Bali)
'Before Sunrise' & 'After Sunset' (Italy)

Anyways theres probably a fair few more out there.

10. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Shantaram will be a good one (when its finally made) - the book was amazing, it never fails to remind me of India now i'm back and its sitting on my book shelf looking weather-beaten having travelled through India and up the mountains in Nepal with me.