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Hi, I'm going travelling in Oct and am starting out in Sydney where i plan to work for a few months. I am going on my own and have never done any travelling before so im pretty nervous about it all! Can anyone give me some advice on where would be a good hostel to start where its easy to meet people doing similar? I have read on here about Oz intro and other similar packages. I don't really want to do the whole 7 day thing but ive heard about other packages where u just get like a few days accommodation etc....can anyone recommend any of these?
Also am i able to apply for my tax number before i go? I looked on the website and from what i've read i thought i had to be in australia before i could apply?
Any answers would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Siobhan x

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Hi siobhan,

I was in the same position as ou a year or so agao now, there's really nothing to worry about, its such an easy country to travel.

when you get there go onto the government website and apply for your tax file number, it comes through really quick. As for places to stay i would personally recommend staying in Coogee, its just outside central sydney, its a little town, very friendly, theres the beach on the doorstep. I can't fault it, i fell in love with the place. Google coogee and have a look. There's loads of cafes, its just got a nice feel about the place, more relaxed than being right in the city. The city is only a 20min bus ride.

Hope this helps.

Jas x

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I can recommend Travellers Contact Point - I used them quite a few years back and thought it was the right amount of initial support (including airport pickup).

Regarding tax file number, it's easy to apply for one when you get here. You can do this online and you should get your number through in a couple of weeks (you can work while waiting for it, as you tick a box saying you've applied for it - and then when you do get it give the number to your employer).

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Just noticed your question about a good hostel - for this I recommend the YHA in Glebe. Glebe is a great area, it's also close to the city (bus or even walk), and you'll be sure to meet other working holidaymakers!

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