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i'm off to Oz in a few weeks for 1 year and then hopefully 6 months travelling back through New Zealand and America. i've just finished uni and haven't been away from home for more than about 2 months and was just wondering how hard it is to be away for such a long time? my parents are being very supportive and enthusiastic for me but i know deep down they're worried about how they're going to cope with me being so far away and for my safety etc....i was wondering if anyone who has already travelled somewhere far away from home for the first time and for a long time (1 year plus) could share their experience of how it was being away from your family for so long?

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Both of my sons did the year out in Oz with no problems having made careful plans to take care of the security of their property while travelling, have duplicates of all valuable documents available at home to be e-mailed or faxed out to them if neeeded, organised their finances to be available from an OZ bank and sufficient extra funds available to be transferred out to them if needed.
We arranged contact with friends and relatives in Australia that they could call on in emergencies and to visit as they passed through.
Used MSN Hotmail address for regular links back to home to report in on how much fun they were having etc
Traveller point link set up also for contact with us and other travellers, and if you look at the threads you will see a lot of information that has been given to 'craigboy' on page 2 of the regional threads for Australia threads and other that will help your travel plans.
If you can do this then your parents will have a lot of peace of mind, you will know what to do and how to do it without wqorrying about how they feel back home.
If there is anything more I can help with please get back to me.
Enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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i know exactly when you mean! I will be going overseas for 1 year and the longest i have been without seeing my family is 3 weeks. (I'm 22) I know that of course at some stage on my trip i will get homesick, because everyone does.

You just have to think that this is only a fraction of your life, when you get back your whole life will be back to normal! And it will be the experience that you will remember forever!!!

And mine starts in 9 weeks! aaah so much to organise still ;)


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I know exactly what you are talking about as well! The longest I have been away from my family is 3 weeks and I am currently in my fourth week away from them in Paraguay! I am going to Oz and New Zealand later and I will be away from them for about 9 months! So far I have been OK although it was hard to say goodbye to them at the airport, I think the only time you will feel homesick is when you have nothing to do, for example maybe when on a long bus journey you will have a lot of time to think and this will make you think about home and your family. So if you keep yourself busy which I am sure you will you will be OK!


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thanks for all your replies and advice, it's helpful to hear other people's views and to hear that everything is going well....just what i needed! i agree, i think the worst bit is going to be the at the airport but hopefully i'll be fine once i've settled in! cheers x

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The best thing to do is before you go make sure all your family are set up on email, and can receive texts, there's nothing like knowing that you can text or email whenever you want, the worst part of leaving your family for so long is not being able to share the great experiences you're having with them on a daily basis.

I travelled a lot in france about six years ago before texting was really a big thing and found it really hard to keep in touch. I especially missed my mam and my brothers, but once I set her up on email and she got a mobile, it was so much better!

Now I'm off to Oz for a year and I'm not worried about missing my family at all, because I know I can text or email whenever I feel like it!

Don't think of the trip in terms of a whole year either, think of it month by month, for some reason it makes if easier!