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Sorry to ask the same question as everyone else but I have no idea what im doing!

I plan to travel next April ill be going UK - India - Thailand - 2 Stops in Australia - New Zealand - Santiago - Lima - UK

I plan to make this an 8 month trip, prob wont be spending to long in Australia maybe just a few weeks, I'm quite happy to stay in hostels and eat the cheapest stuff i can find.

I'll be traveling alone, will work anywhere I can along the way and I want to do it as cheaply as possible.

The cost of the round the world ticket is going to be around £1000 but I have no idea how much spending money I should take with me?

Has anyone got a clue as to how much I should save for a trip of this size?

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No takers?

Ok I no this question gets asked alot and its probably a hard one to answer so how about this instead, people who have already done a similar trip can you tell me what you did how long you went fort and how much it cost you?

Really need some advice as I have no clue?

I want to travel cheep!


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Hi Carl, the good news is your time horizon is already mapped out for you with your RTW tkt. The bad news is, you now need to stick to it. You can do it much more cheaply than you think. I am a guy, so I hitch-hiked a lot. Usually, only good people pick you up. If you like them and vice versa, often you will spend the night on their floor. Food can be cheap if you are flexible. Travel the way locals do, crappy slow, crowded buses give you up close view of life in their sandals. There is no exact right answer to how much it will cost you. The more $ you have in your bank acct that you can access by ATM, the more choices you will have as you go. But don't worry about it, there is no such thing as too little $....as you will learn from other travellers on the road. I was stunned at how many Brits left home with just 50 GBP in their pocket and the optimistic attitude that they would find some sort of work somewhere....and they always did! Carry a lightweight sleeping bag so you can floor sleep. Keep yourself cleancut so foreigners will be inclined to help you, rather than hope you keep moving along... Hostels are $5-$30 per night to give you some idea. Food can be $5-$10 per day. Read some Lonely Planet books on cheap travel. Those books were my bible. ps. I found work everywhere! I worked about half the time I was gone (3 yr trip around the world.)

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were did you buy your ticket from??? £1000 is a bargain compared to the quotes ive got for almost that exact route

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Your ticket will be closer to £2K than one from my research, (just purchased ticket for £1870). Borrow some current travel guides from your local library to get an idea of prices, plus you can read them on the go, not stuck in fromt of the computer.

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