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On a scale of 1 - 10, (1 being stay at home and 10 being not much difficulty at all). How much of a problem is it going to be for me to travel South Amercia not being able to speak the language.

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Take a couple of weeks to learn some key things, and I think you will be fine.

Check out this thread on what I think is important: http://www.travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm?thread=5071

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as gregg says only a few strategic questions or sentences will help tourists communicate with locals. how to ask prices, direction, how to greet, how to tk. It sounds easy but it is not. anyway the effort is worth.
Listening to songs where you pick up words you know is a good exercise
Repetition helps a lot,and after producing several times the same utterance it becomes easier. There is nothing better than being understood, nothing more rewarding than that.
Locals everywhere help people and also make an effort to understand, locals like people when they try to use the language spoken in the country. Colours, numbers, nouns and some actions, though always in infinitive, give an approximate idea of what the tourist wants to say. Good performance, fluency come after some time.
Understanding a conversation is very difficult at the very beginning, when all words seem to be together, it takes time to begin to understand they are all separated and generally it happens when the learner picks up words he knows.
Spanish is not an easy language but it is possible. The more you can do before the better. And of course the more you are exposed to the new language the faster you learn.