travelling to south america alone at 18?

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Im hopefully going to s.a. at the end of this year for around 3 months , travelling from brazil round to ecaudor. Ive heard that s.a. is usually travelled by older travellers? im pretty good at travelling by myself but would be good to meet a few people of the same age group at the same time, likely?


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That this trip is mostly for the older traveller is ridiculous....

You'll find nothing but young travellers banging all over SA...Many with cheezy white man dreadlocks and clothes that haven't been washed for weeks. There are a lot of the travellers out there who go from club spot to club spot associating with other travellers(Many, exclusively) and you can meet a lot of friends out there. You can all travel off and on together from country to country telling stories about how stupid these people were, or how backward those were.

Okay...Sorry....I lived in an apartment over a traveller's hostel in Cartagena for a year. I spent many evenings listening to silly shit through my window.

In answer to your question: There are tonnes of Young Travellers working their way through SA...I would venture that it a large percentage of the packer population. You will seldom want for company if you are in any way gregarious....Don't worry


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yeah don´t worry, im 18 and ive been here for a month so far, another 3 to go! i guess i felt a little of the same trepidations about the crowds that travel and all that, so i opted to couchsurf as much as possible with girls my age (as i am alone also). but im gonna be staying in hostels more in the months to come...and even though i havnt really met any foreign travellers yet, i would definately say that being 18 is a great age to come to south america! i mean, it´s not like youre a baby or anything, 18 is pretty adult here (ie drinking age)! and, compared to the states at least, i think there´s a lot less of a gap between someone who´s 18 and someone who´s, say, 21. that´s just my experience with argentina, but actually i have have more than a few friends, all 18-20 who´ve backpacked ecuador, brazil, peru, and costa rica. they all made friends, and i didnt hear a bad experience from any! i´ve found most south americans are easy going, as are those crazy, drunkn hippie travellers! good luck

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Hey Martin,
I travel alone since I was 16yo and live in Rio since I was a kid and never been mugged in my life, it’s not a matter of age but how you behave and you will meet lots of young people on your way… the backpackers here are usually your age… don’t worry, don’t be afraid: you will be fine.

Some words from a Portuguese poet:
‘Restaurante Polaco’
“... In foreign cities
we make better use of our senses,
we are bolder in our intuitions.
And after the soup and the warm tea,
going out into the street, we can discover
that we are still alive and that, after all,
we have never known any other condition.
This is the hour that reveals us.
And what we call reality heads off with us in the same direction.”
Rui Pires Cabral

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Hi! I am going for a round South America trip as well. We are intending to go on the 20th of November to Rio and finish in Rio after the Carnival. =)

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Hey Martin,

On average, most of the backpackers I met were mid-twenties but there were definitely plenty of 18/19 years olds travelling there as well. You will certainly meet lots of people your own age. :)

I travelled with an 18 year old called Max for a bit and we had such a blast. I was 8 years older than him but it didn't matter one bit. I also travelled with a 70 year old couple for a few days in Bolivia who were and still are by far the most intersting people I met on my travels.

All the best on your trip :)