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I need help!
I'll be leaving for Australia in Oct. ( next month ) for 7 weeks. For the first 4 weeks, I'll be doing my practical training in Adelaide (2 weeks) and then Melbourne (2 weeks). I think I can pretty much cover the 'must see' places in both cities when I'm off during the weekends.
Afterthat, there are 3 weeks more for me to travel before I go back to M'sia via Sydney.I'll be travelling alone. My tentative plan was to travel up north to Brisbane. But then, my friends are telling me to fly straight to Cairns and from there head south to Sydney. They are saying it's a much interesting route (esp. the strips of beaches in between Cairns - Brisbane) as compare to my initial route.
Is Cairns all that great?? I don't really like touristy places like Gold coast / Cairns.. it's too commercial for me. I'm a sucker for beautiful natural places like Whitsunday ( I saw the photos! .. lovely!) which is at the northern part....
Will it be a rush to travel from Cairns-Sydney within 3 weeks without missing all the highlights?
Should I stick to my own initial plan?
All responses are greatly appreciated! ...muaks

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Hey Audrey,

Well, first of all; I think you will have plenty of time to see the must sees in Adelaide/Melbourne in that time. I would recommend travelling via the Great ocean road when going from Adelaide to Melbourne as that is some of the best part of Australia to see; especially if you are after natural beauty!

Between Melbourne and Sydney, there isn't that much to see; which is why most go direct the 12 hours by bus it is, so you don't have to do that part if you can miss it. If you are flying out of Sydney, I assume you would have to book a flight from brisbane back to sydney and then fly out of there. If this is the case, I would do what your friends are recommending for the following reasons:

1. a ticket between melbourne and cairns will not be that much more expensive than between sydney and brisbane (check out and for an indication).
2. you would cut out the travelling between melbourne and sydney which isn't that interesting.
3. you could see the whitsundays and fraser island (which you would both miss otherwise!). These are absolutely great places which I would always recommend. Sure, there are a lot of travellers there, but it is because they are beautiful places more than anything else.
4. you still get to see everything between Brisbane and Sydney (i.e. Byron Bay etc.).

Personally, I would skip Surfers Paradise if you don't like the touristy, high rise type thing.
Cairns itself isn't so bad. I didn't really think it was anything special but that is of course open to interpretation as some people I know loved it. The diving is great around there though, so if you dive/snorkel, that might be a good reason to be there as well.

Hmmm, hope this helps. In short, I would probably fly to Cairns and travel back down to Sydney. Three weeks is fine!



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im in adelaide and can show you around a bit if you like
not that much to see in adelaide just like any other city but theres a lot of good
things to see if you want to do weekenders
the great ocean road is definately the way to go from adelaide to melbourne like sam
said but i wouldnt fly from melbourne to cairns
id fly from melbourne to port maquarie and drive from there
byron bay is a must and so is coffs harbour and from there on it gets tropical and
theres life in every town
if you want to contact me send me a message.

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