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Dumfries and Galloway or the Trossachs?

Travel Forums Europe Dumfries and Galloway or the Trossachs?

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1. Posted by EaLaSpada (Budding Member 79 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

All right, my faithful travellerpoint advisors:

I am spending a long week in Scotland next month in September (my first time). I have 4 days planned already in Skye, and I need to decide where to spend my next few days. I've narrowed it down to 2 areas: Dumfries and Galloway or the Trossachs. Kind readers, please help me decide...

1. I'm travelling alone and not hiring a car, so access to public transport is necessary
2. I'm interested mainly in landscapes and the occasional ruin
3. I like more remote areas
4. It would be nice to see an area that has a little contrast to Skye
5. I like a lot of walking, but am not interested in long-haul hikes (also, I'm from flat, flat Florida, so I probably won't be able to "bag any Munros")
6. I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer
5. I don't need a lot of entertainment, i.e. nightlife, etc. Just good landscapes
7. I wouldn't mind a good horseback ride

I'll take any and all suggestions. If it's a really good one, I could go against any or all of those 7 points. I'm pretty much just happy being in Britain!

Thanks in advance!

2. Posted by BlankFrack (Respected Member 280 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Galloway forest park is a much neglected, but interesting area. It has very rugged scenery and even though it's closer to civilisation than places in the Highlands it has a really remote feel to it. Glen Trool is one of the nicest areas to walk through if your time is limited. Transport isn't a great issue - it's better having a car, but there are good bus/train services to Newton Stewart and the towns around it. Also, if you want a bit of history/ruins, there are some ruined castles in this area - Cardoness Castle which is nearer the forest park area and Caerlaverock Castle which is just outside of Dumfries (Caerlaverock is much more impressive).

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3. Posted by EaLaSpada (Budding Member 79 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks, BlankFrack! And nice links!

4. Posted by Ladymacwil (Full Member 170 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I love Dumfries and Galloway! Staying near the Firth of Forth, at Comlongon Castle was just the greatest experience ever! The area is quite interesting and rather overlooked as Blank mentioned.

The scenery is beautiful and the atmosphere so laid back. I think you will love visiting there.

LadyMacWilly ^..^ ~

5. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Well i wud say The Trossachs is defiantly one of the best part of the west highlands. Loch Lomond is stunning.
But without a car It may be tough. Can you not hire one for a few days?

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6. Posted by GreenSun (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


Loch Lomond National Park and Trossachs is a lovely place. When you stand at a top of Ben Lomond you can say "this is it". You do not have to climb to get there. There is a hostel near by and a ferry to Inveberg (bus stop).

Loch Katrine and Ben A'an is a also a good place.

but just next to Sky, behind the bridge is Kyle of Lochalsh and there is a train to Inverness - one of the best route in Scotland (when it doesn't rain). You can check Scottish City Link bus connections (sometimes it is good to have travel pass) and Mega Bus (very cheap, the ticket from Inverness to Edinburgh costs £1 - 4,5).

I am not crazy about trains but there is a second route, between Fort William to Mallaig ans the views are beatiful.

I usually stay in Syha hostels.

Have a nice time!


7. Posted by EaLaSpada (Budding Member 79 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the info and links. Though it looks like Trossachs, 2, Galloway, 2. I need an additional person to break the tie! Or perhaps someone should send me funds so I can stay long enough to do both!

Coldwarpsy, I know. If I would just hire a car a lot of problems could be solved. I've thought about this a lot and unfortunately, aside from financial considerations, I believe the whole driving-on-the-left thing coupled with my being distracted by beautiful scenery could only result in a local being maimed or killed. And that can really bring a holiday down.

GreenSun, I've already planned my trip out to Skye so I can take that train from Fort William to Mallaig--I saw some photos of the route as was hooked. I'll look into the other train to Inverness. Thanks!


8. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

ok I justed asked co workers, Trossachs it is. theres your tie breaker.
well as an American too I agree, the OTHER side of the road is scary business but in these roads theres few cars and you can see them coming.

I couldnt imagine taking buses tho, i get sick just walking on these roads...especially around Loch Lomond. Trains are far better and the train from Fort William down to the Trossachs is stunning.

9. Posted by BlankFrack (Respected Member 280 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Poor Galloway Forest Park continues to be neglected! Ah well, the Trossachs is also very nice so I'm sure you'll have a nice time if you go there too (it is a bit better connected).

10. Posted by EaLaSpada (Budding Member 79 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Well, you know, BlankFrack, I haven't left yet! There's still time for an arm wrestle or something for a definitive winner!

Coldwarpsy, I'm curious. When you say, "i get sick just walking on these roads," what do you mean, exactly? Is there some air-borne stomach virus hovering around that area, or is it a motion-sickness thing? I feel I need to know!

Once again, thanks for everyone's kind attention to my holiday planning!