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1. Posted by debcroy (Budding Member 2 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

iwant to get from bangkok airport tp pattaya safeley. it will be night time so im a bit scared. any suggestions pleaaasssee!!!!!

2. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1944 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Quoting debcroy

iwant to get from bangkok airport tp pattaya safeley. it will be night time so im a bit scared. any suggestions pleaaasssee!!!!!

What time are you arriving in Thailand? If it is early evening you can take a bus to Pattaya (depending on the time frame there are even some buses leaving from the airport or airport bus station.) There are buses to Pattaya that leave from the Ekamai bus station (off Sukhumvit Road) where you can get to Pattaya in a bus with other tourists and locals that is safer than being alone.

You can take the Airport Express bus into town (run by the airport, only 150 baht,) then stay in a cheap hotel and in the morning take the Ekamai/Pattaya bus to Pattaya. Suk 11 Hostel is close to the Skytrain stop and from that Skytrain stop you can get to the Ekamai bus station. One problem for late arrivals, the Airport Express bus stops running just before midnight!

Or, if you are lucky you can find another passenger who is going to Pattaya and you can share the cost of a ride. The price of a taxi to Pattaya late at night - only you - is about the same price as a cheap hotel, taxi to Bangkok ride and bus fare to Pattaya the following morning. I once saw a single female passenger using a cell phone camera to photograph the taxi number, license plate number, driver's face; she told the driver that she was sending that information to a friend in case something happened to her on the road. She could have been bluffing too! Every now and then there is a female taxi driver in the taxi rank, not too often but who knows??

Depends on what time you arrive at the airport. After midnight your options are more limited. I arrive around midnight on NWA all the time and the only transportation available is a meter taxi into town - price around 330 to 390 for the Sukhumvit Nana Skytrain area. (There is a cheap 35 baht city bus that leaves from the airport bus station but it may be a little too much for someone new to the area.)

Good luck.

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3. Posted by stoneman (Respected Member 216 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

If I recall correctly, the last daily direct bus to Pattaya leaves at 5pm. I flew in to BKK last June and because my arrival time was late at night I had my friend in Pattaya organise a Mr T. taxi service (recomm. by many travellers) to be waiting at the airport and drive me directly to my hotel in Pattaya. Cost: 1000baht($33Aust). Or a taxi from the airport taxi rank (if one available). I would assume the fare would be 1-500baht. A taxi is your only direct option. The alternative is as advised by others ie stay overnight in BKK and then take the bus from Ekamai bus station. I wanted to arrive in Pattaya same night plus you also have the advantage of little traffic on the road. The alternative (stay in BKK) was of no interest to me. I'm sure if you google Mr T taxi service Pattaya you will come across a contact phone number.