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1. Posted by Geisha (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm finally planning a trip to South America and am super excited. Yeah! I've never planned a trip like this before and there is sooo much to do and so little time. Can't wait to see Peru and Machu Pichu!

I have a tech question for yall. I would assume its a advantage to have a cell phone along with me on my trip right? It's gonna be five girls total and one of us should have a celly right?

I am considering purchasing a new one specifically for my trip. Moto has a phone called MPx220 I saw on their site that seems like it would be perfect. It has a MP3 player built in which is cool cuz I can download tons of songs and listen to them on my trip :p It also has a pretty good camera with flash and video capture. What is selling me though is the global roaming feature and it also has Windows all in one cell phone.

Anyone familiar with this particular phone or have any suggestions? Thanks!

2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I traveled South America without a cell phone.

I hardly ever needed to call ahead for accomidations, and the few times that I did, the current place I was staying in was usually nice enough to allow me to use their line.

I called home a few times, but I just would do that from one of the multitude of phone places down there. There are a surprising number of storefronts that do nothing but sell internet time and phone time. You go in, make your calls and come out and settle up. Easy peasy. Much cheaper than paying roaming and long distance on your cell phone.

Up to you, but just wanted to give you my perspective.

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Global roaming is outrageously expensive, you pay a premium for all calls both inbound and outbound and on top of that the long distance charges from your where your home number is located to the country where you are...
Prepaid telephone cards for the countries you are going to, or a calling card from a number at home (parents for example) that will allow you to call anywhere (some only allow you to call home)...
Or just find an internet cafe that has Net2Phone or similar service...

Also there are 4 different frequencies for GSM cel phones so if you don't have the right frequency for that area/country you are SOL.
Don't think cel phone is the way to go, even with the MP3 player and camera (besides the quality of photos off the camera will be very bad).

That's my 2bits worth...