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First of all, I am new to this forum so hello to everyone.
i am writing because i am seriously contemplating applying for a fulbright grant to study in central or south america. i would only be able to apply to ONE country (i have been to zero) and if i won, i would live there anywhere from 6-12 months. i have no idea how to go about picking which country, as the topic of my research is transferable to any latin american country. the only possible restriction i'm aware of is that it could be dangerous to be obviously american in colombia. i simultaneously believe this hype is overrated, but i have done some work with colombian asylees who tell me not to go. so, who knows. i've also heard that argentinians can be a bit on the racist side....again, i believe this might be exaggerated. the countries with the most applicants are hardest to win so argentina, mexico, costa rica, chile and peru i may not bother to try, but please provide any info you may have regardless. thanks so much, davina

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Here's some questions that might help us provide you with an answer.

What do you like to do for fun in the outdoors?

Do you like big cities or small towns?

How do you feel about hot, humid weather?

How do you feel about colder weather?

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i would have to be in or near a city and i'd take hot and humid over cold if those are my only choices. i cant imagine there being any hot and dry climates to choose from in latin america anyway. as for activities outdoors, in order of importance, i would like to have access to a beach, i run, hike, bike, i like relaxing/reading/playing various sports in parks. in terms of other activities i also like to go dancing, see museums, and just generally be in a culturally rich atmosphere....i am from NY and of trinidadian descent so i am used to being around many different cultures and i want to be somewhere that has as diverse a population...and this is of minor importance, but i'd like to be in a country close to OTHER countries that i may want to visit while i'm there :)

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Brazil, no doubts...

u can have from snow mountains to tropical beaches, undiscovered indigenous tribe to world´s biggest cities, lots of dif cultures, everything... no doubts.

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I knew a Fulbright Scholar here a few years ago, he actually extended for a few months and the came back on his own for another 6 months he loved it so much...
Panama - as a hub for visiting the other parts of Latin America you can't beat it - modern city, probably the most diverse population of any Latin American country due to its history - the canal etc.

Beaches on two coasts an hour or two away, rainforest 30 minutes from the city, 7 distinct indigenous cultures, mountain areas for a relief from the warm weather...

Some nice parks, for running and biking, also the Amador Causeway is a great place for that too...

Good restaurants, an average number of concerts but that seems to be increasing, decent drama (nothing like Broadway but enough for a quick fix) some even in English.

Direct flights to: US, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and all Central American Countries (maybe one stop over)...

Cost of living is cheaper than NY that's for sure and did I mention, a great nightlife. and are two good websites for info...