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Today is Thursday september 23 here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Four more days, I will embark on a Round the World trip which I have planned for almost 2 years. Althought, I have traversed the glove 3 or 4 times, in the past, the uniqueness about this trip is I am going to go around the world in less than 3 days. I will start from where I live and work, Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I will then either going to London or Paris, after that I will either go to Hong Kong or Tokyo, and then fly back to Dallas if from Tokyo, or to Los Angeles and then Dallas, if from Hong Kong. I will travel light - just a tote bag with camera equipment and a few sets of clothing, and toilettry. Yes, we only live once, so do something that we can remember for a long time.

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For a minute, I thought you were planning to sprint around the world in a record-breaking 72 hours (the guy in the balloon took 80 days, after all!). Oh, wait, I just read that again - that is what you mean...! That's the most original trip I've ever heard of....

Have fun! You do only live once, and you seem to know exactly how to live to the fullest.


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Yes, I did it!!!!

My 17 year-old son and I went around the world last week in 58 hours and 30 minutes (less than 2 and 1/2 day)

We left Dallas Texas DFW airport on Monday 27 th of September at 7pm and took flight American Airlines 78 to London Gatwick. We got to Gatwick at 10 am Tuesday 28th, took bus ride to London Heathrow. Around 4 pm we took Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong. Arrived in Hong Kong around 9am Wednesday 29th. In Hong Kong we took a train and went shopping and sight seeing in Kow Loon and Hong Kong island. We came back to the airport around 6pm, took shower, had dinner, and then got on another Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 at 11:25pm heading for Los Angeles. Our plane landed in LAX around 9 pm the same day (Wednesday 29th). We waited at the airport until 1am Thursday and hopped on an American Airlines flight to DFW. Our plane landed at Dallas/Fort Worth airport at 5:30 am Thursday. Thus, we travel around the world in 58 hours and 30 minutes. We spent roughly 38 hours on the plane, and the rest were sight seeing, shopping or waiting at the airport.
Is it worth it? you may ask! Yes! Definately! Just think, out of 6 billion people in this world, how many has climbed Mt. Everest, or taking a trip around the world in less than 2 and a half day!
In a few days, when I am completely recover from jetlag, or work lag, I will post some pictures in one of those free sights and will surely invite you all come and see. A word of warning a head though, I the speed I traveled ... things seem blurry!!!
Good trekking, my friends!!!

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Congratulations! That's very cool.. great to see you pulled it off. :)

You can post some pictures right here on TP through your own gallery by the way.. I'm curious to see the proof ;)

Cheers, Peter

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That is crazy! Did you see anything when you were on your trip? I would prefer a long trip myself, but i guess if you have done it before...