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Australia Dez 08.....Melbourne to Urulu and Alice Springs!

Travel Forums Travel Companions Australia Dez 08.....Melbourne to Urulu and Alice Springs!

1. Posted by makber (Inactive 2 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

hey there,

i study at the moment in auckland, new zealand, and i don´t wont to miss a short visit to eNZed´s little neighbour ;)!

so here is my plan:
i want to fly to melbourne end of nov. maybe first dez. and see a bit of the city. from now on i need one...two or three travelbuddys to share car and petrol for an outback-trip to urulu and alice.
dest. would be sth. like melbourne as starting point..adelaid...then direction uluru with stops at every place we like. from there over to alice springs.
we can split there...or we go on to brisbane what would be my next destination.

i think about two weeks from melbourne to brisbane, what means that there will be 10 days to get to alice.

if anybody likes the idea about seeing Australia´ beautiful outback sights......don´t hesitate to contact me or come up with any suggestions you wont.

cheers mathias!

edit: it´s called uluru....alright

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2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5164 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Melbourne to Adelaide to Uluru to Brisbane is more than 5200 kilometers, with google maps estimating the pure driving time on 65 hours. That's five hours of driving every single day, leaving very little time (if any at all) for actually seeing places. (Actually, just Alice Springs to Brisbane distance you want to do in four days is 31 hours of straight driving... I guess that does bring the average daily hours down for the rest of the trip, but even so...) Beyond this, December will be nearly high summer, and temperatures in the outback will be crazy. Do you really want to be driving through that for days on end?

Australia is obviously worth a visit, but it's worth seeing, rather than rushing through. I'd recommend either finding a lot more time for this trip, or severely downgrading your expectations of what you can realistically see and do.

3. Posted by makber (Inactive 2 posts) 9y Star this if you like it! are probably right about the distance. i was already thinking about a flight from alice to brisbane, gotta check what it might cost.
but the fact that is summer wont be easy to change the only time i can go, would be sad to miss some fun in the outback.
don´t ya think it can be handled to go from melb or adelaide to uluru and alice even in dez?

yoooo...good news for myself...already found a guy from university who is stupid enough to taken the challenge with me.

but hey...muchas gracias for you time and giving me information and that...really great.

about some further infos i would be really thankfull.

cheers mathias!