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Hi I'll be travelling to South East Asia in November for about 3 months.

Years ago my friends used to go to Singapore and would pick up the latest electronics for 'cheap'.

I was wondering if this is still true are electronics in Singapore still cheap? are they cheaper in other asian countries (India, Malaysia or Thailand) compared to New Zealand?

In NZ we have a site called which lists the online prices for electronics and helps you to determine where to buy something for cheap - can anyone recommend a similiar site for Singapore, India, Malaysia and Thailand?


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In my experience of SEA you can't buy cheap electronics unless you want a brand that you have never heard of and even then it will only last you about 6 months - and even if you do buy something then when you get back home you have to buy a new power supply for it due to the various supplies countries have. My advise... Buy good and buy it at home.

In saying that... I did used to know a guy from Kongkong who had some pretty good stuff and he got me the new "I Phone" a few months back. But I think I have lost his QQ address. :(

Just be careful when buying and also remember that if customs catch you at the airport with for example a computer and it's a local brand then they will make you pay duty on it. Trust me I am talking from experience. (My cheap laptop was not so cheap in the end).

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You can try visit .This is the portal where local Malaysian would go and browse through to buy items..This would help you to have some guide line on certain items they sell in the shop. Try to check on the forum since the retailer post their latest price tag online for computer parts, handphones as well as the computers..

Hope this would help you in order to find things that you like...At least some research wouldn't be so bad..

I don't know whether this would help you out, but when you buy electronics here, discard the packaging..keep in your back packs or their separate if you came to the country as it is..Keep the necessary things like the guide books and receipts..

hope it will help you

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