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Travelling through the usa for 1-3 months

Travel Forums North America Travelling through the usa for 1-3 months

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11. Posted by Kimee129 (Full Member 37 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Unfortunately, the United States severely lacks in public transportation. Flying from State to State isn't such a bad idea if you can use the low budget airlines such as,, or Southwest Airlines. Sometimes the one way fairs far in advance (Like book now for November) are pretty good. As an example. Flying from LGA (LaGuardia, NYC) to Miami, Fl (FLL) is 94.00 USD one way on Spirit Airlines. This is the ultimate in low budget so expect no thrills. If you could plan big jumps like that and don't mind skipping large sections of the US it isn't so bad. Our train system. has to for some insane reason I have never figured out, route you through our Countries Capital. Washington, DC. So if I want to go from Greenville, SC to Florida. I have to travel via train 600 miles north switch trains, and then travel the 600 miles I just came, plus however many miles to my destination. Not to mention they aren't cheap. They are pretty good I have to admit if I am going from East to West Coast or vice versa. It just has a problem going North and South.
Greyhound busses can be a great value also. Beware will definately meet some interesting people and see some of the smallest towns in the US. I travelled from San Diego, Ca to Greenville, SC. It took me three very long days, but it only cost me $94.00. If you are travelling with a buddy there are buy one get one free or half price also. Perhaps if you stay in local hostels and hook up with a travelling partner you could split the difference. The best deals there are at least two weeks in advance. The ticket will still be reasonable.

Just a quick question? Why avoid Las Vegas? I have travelled many cities and countries in the US and Europe. I would not pass up Las Vegas. It may seem like a lot of gambling, but there is nothing like it in Europe or the US. You don't have to gamble. Just people watching and seeing the free water show outside of the Bellagio is a site to behold. There actually is a hostel located just off the main strip that is great to lay your head. It can also be a jumping off point to see the Grand Canyon or any of the other local National Parks around there. Please give it a second thought. Kim

12. Posted by indigo12 (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Mainly becasue I am a bad gambler. I would be to scared to go and lose everything lol

13. Posted by Sarahchanc (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

You asked about camping. Many of the western states have lots of camping areas. I don't know about the southern states so much but Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, all of these have plenty of campgrounds. As for taking a bus, personally I wouldn't do that. It can be inexpensive but it can also be a nightmare. They are almost always running behind which can make you miss your next bus and have to spend the night is some bus depot or hotel in some crap town in the middle of no where. You can look up car rental places in advance and usually get a pretty decent deal if you book in advance. This is going to be more expensive than a bus but you can set you own agenda. If you want to stop along the way and check out some particular attraction, you can.

14. Posted by indigo12 (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I am not able to drive, I dont see myself getting my licence and being able to drive by the time I leave, I am going to have to put up with a bus...

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16. Posted by samgrafix (Budding Member 15 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

If you are traveling alone, I would recommend you be cautious taking Greyhounds. You will definitely be meeting some interesting people on the bus.

I spent 2 weeks in Vegas and never gambled. If you want to see America, I would suggest you don't miss Vegas. There is a very good reason there are so many movies about it. Phoenix, Arizona is like an entirely different world. It is one of the most modern city layouts in the States. I lived there for 10 years. It is an incredible place and should not be missed. I currently live in Florida. I've been to many different places. Between Tampa and Orlando there is so much to do. You could easily spend a month and still have more to do. There is a place in Orlando where you can swim with dolphins. My sister said it was one of the most memorable moments in her life. Have fun on your adventure. It will be one to remember.

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