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advice on where to go for round the world trip and TEFL work

Travel Forums Round the World Travel advice on where to go for round the world trip and TEFL work

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1. Posted by hellosweet (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hey I am starting to think about planning my trip round the world, I graduate uni in June so I'm hoping to go around September 2009. Can anyone offer me any advice on a good route to go? I have looked on sta travel and this site on the trip planner and so far im following what seems to be a popular route. So I'm thinking: Glasgow - London - Bankok (spend a few months volunteering and travel in SEA) - Possibly Australia (already been to the east coast so maybe west coast) - Aukland - South America (any ideas where would be safe enough for a lone girl traveller??) - Mexico city - Miami - New York - Glasgow

I would love to go to Brazil as I have contacts there but not sure how safe that would be..

Any advice or suggestions would be great :) as i said im in the early stages of planning although without a doubt i want to travel around SEA.

I am going to do a TEFL course so if anyone has travelled and taught english in any of the countries mentioned could you let me know some info about that i.e how easy it is to find work and how good/bad the pay is?

Thanks guys i look forward to hearing your travel wisdom!!

2. Posted by typermonky (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

To be honest i wouldn't really bother with Glasgow unless you want to go there for a specific reason. If you can, get a flight into Edinburgh, you'll find the city far more welcoming with alot more to do. Cut down your cost by booking a train ticket down to London which should take you about 5hrs (extra time but less hassle) Other than that everybody who i've spoken to has loved Thailand and NZ. Keep in touch and i'll let you know how i find the West coast of the US, Fiji, NZ, Aus and Japan. Leaving on the 1st OctHad to add that in;)


3. Posted by jsherw (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I did it many years ago, taking almost 1 year - I'm old now. It was the best thing I ever did in my life. My route was New Zealand 30 days (beautiful land and friendly people - once you get past their initial reticence); Australia 10 days only in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Darwin, has the world's largest desert (be sure to skip Darwin where the mosquitos will eat you alive); Philippines 3 weeks where I found the world's friendliest people; Hong Kong as junction point and shopping center - China was then closed to Westerners; Japan where I scheduled 3 weeks and stayed 3 months but this was before the intense smog of later years - beautiful country and customs; back to Philippines for 34 more days (I couldn't get away from the interesting land and friendly people); Thailand - a week in Bangkok is not enough, get out and see more, go North, I liked the Thai people - I guess I liked the people everywhere; Cambodia for 2 days to see Ankor Wat - spend more time to see other old temples; India 3 weeks - probably not enough; Nepal 1 week - most beautiful land I've ever seen, as beautiful as Japan but with clear air; West Pakistan where I went to climb mountains but got sick fo 9 days and decided not to climb because of that - the people were friendly to Westerners at that time; Lebanon 4 days (I've been back since); Egypt (Cairo) 5 days but I'd stay longer, I've been back; then just passed through Europe on this first trip taking 2 months split between Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and England; home to the US. I made what seemed like a great many firends, went on 1 week camping trip with NZ couple, was invited (and accepted) to live with a Philippine family where they were dissapointed that I didn't stay for 6 months, was invited (and accepted) to stay in an Indian home for 1 week, was invited t0 walk to the edge of Tibet while in Nepal (but couldn't wait until winter to do that), was invited to vacation on a house boat in Srinagar with people I met in Nepal, was invited to return to India in winter to go tiger hunting - you could do it then - (but couldn't wait or return); met wonderful people in Switzerland and visited for a while (still friends after 50 years). Wish I'd made it a 2 year trip. Then I'd have gone to the edge of Tibet in winter; gone tiger hunting in India in winter; waited until I got well and climbed in Pakistan (Azad Kashmir); vacationed in Srinagar; spent more time in Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, France, and who knows where. In the end, I wanted to travel like this for the rest of my life - but didn't, of course. Before going, I read many books about the people, history, and customs of these lands. It is more rewarding if you know about these lands and peoples before you go. I urge you to read voraciously before the trip - I read 5 books on Egypt alone. I met people going the opposite way around, people who had hitch-hiked across the Kybur Pass in Afganastan, bought camels in Morocco and rode across the desert to Egypt before selling the camels, filmed in the Sinai.
Do it, and don't look back. I've been sorry for the things I didn't do on the trip, never sorry for what I did do, whom I met, where I went, friends I made. There is more to see than I've seen. Russia was too expensive at the time and issued a visa only the days for which you had already bought Intourist tickets at $30/day so I didn't go even though I had a Russian friend in Leningrad - I lived in Paris for a week at $5/day then (1959), so Russia was impossibly expensive.

4. Posted by jsherw (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Don't know about other South American countries, but I'd sugest that Peru is safe for a lone woman traveller. Friendly people there, never a surly desk clerk even. Was there this April.

5. Posted by hellosweet (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

thanks for the replies :) your trip sounds truely amazing jsherw! The reason im leaving from glasgow is because im from glasgow but obviously i will be flying internationally from london so il either get the train to london but most likely it will be included in my flight route. Im not planning to travel through europe as i can do that anytime really. do either of you have an idea of a budget? just now im only planning to do a 6 month trip as if i do a year i would have to work at some point.. thats where the TEFL course comes in but im still looking into that...

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6. Posted by jsherw (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Lots of places you can get dorm bed in a hostel for $5-$15. Hostels are great places to meet other travelers to get all kinds of suggestions for travel and places to stay. Meet some great people that way. Don't have idea of current daily costs. In Tokyo, if you go there, look for the Asia Kaikan; it is a place where foreigners can stay in a small private room for not much $, bath down the hall. Meet more foreigners, maybe even from your home town as I did once. Short walk from a subway station. Some places have YMCAs where you can stay. In Cairo, look for Deutches Heim for low-cost housing with meals (lots of starch). You can probably subsist for as low as $20-30/day in India and China if you work at it. I used to pay 2 cents from street vendors for 'fool', a pocket bread sandwitch with cooked beans in Luxor, Egypt in 1964, probably gone up to 10 cents by now. Never got sick from it. It cost twice that if you wanted lamb in it.

In Japan then (1959) it was easy to get a position at TEFL. Don't know about now. I met people who were doing that. It is nice to extend the trip in time to 1-2 years. Stay a while teaching and get to know the people and the country. Trouble is you will never want to quit that. When I got sick, I'd want to go home. Don't give in to that feeling; get well, and go on.
Check to see if you pass screening for TEFL, some Scots I've known had heavy enough accent to not pass TEFL screening. ;) But try anyway. I'm strongly a Scot by heritage, so I'm not poking fun. Get in touch when you come through San Francisco, send me a private email if you wish to contact me.

7. Posted by typermonky (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Quoting typermonky

To be honest i wouldn't really bother with Glasgow unless you want to go there for a specific reason

I'm gona admit fault here now simply due to the fact that i haven't spent a great deal of time in Glasgow and probably got off on the wrong foot shall we say.

Anyhow, back to the topic in hand. For 5 stops a flight ticket cost me £1500 and i think when we looked at a couple more that went up to about £1700. Accomidation i think we put aside another £1500 for 6months based on £10-£12 per night but then that goes down in South America/Asia and up in the USA and, as i guess u'd know, London were i'd say you would be looking between £14-£20.

(Quick one-Wish i was able to do a trip like jsherw)

8. Posted by hellosweet (Budding Member 26 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I'm gona admit fault here now simply due to the fact that i haven't spent a great deal of time in Glasgow and probably got off on the wrong foot shall we say.

haha dont worry!! i want out of glasgow so i dont take any offence!!! i know jsherw your trip sounds so amazing but almost beyond what i would be able to do!! im a beginner traveller so i feel il end up stickin to well known travel routes..although id like to go off the beaten track at some points.. so to speak! but as a young girl travelling alone i do have to think of safety etc. i think im only going to go for 6 months as i stayed in australia for 2 months and lived in spain for a year and found that after about 5 months i start to get really homesick. About the TEFL i never thought about the accent problem!! I have a clear accent though and although it took a bit of getting used to i have helped many friends from my uni in spain to learn english.. albeit in a scottish accent haha!!

jsherw with regards to america, i really want to go to california and maybe new york or miami, however i didnt think these places were really geared up for travellers (in the same way australia is for example)... what would you say? is it easy to find hostels etc and what would be generaly prices?

thanks again guys!

9. Posted by jsherw (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I'd check Hostelworld and Backpackers web sites. There may be others for hostel listings.
I looked up one in San Francisco at $31/bed, and one in Charleston, South Carolina for about half that.

You will make friends as you travel, and some will invite you to visit. I know I hosted a friend for a few days that I met in an Athens, Greece hostel. I hosted a friend for an entire summer that I met at the Asia Kaikan in Japan. Of course, this one became a lifelong friend - not all do. I've stayed at YMCA hotels in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco for reasonable prices. The YWCA in London, England was an excellent budget place to stay. I met Swiss people on a trip through Switzerland who hosted me several times, and we've been lifelong friends. You will meet people as you travel, especially when you stay in hostels. Sometimes one or more will team up for a few days or weeks, so you have a companion. This makes safety less of a concern. Especially, day/evening outings with hostel acquaintences make for pretty good safety. When I started my 1-year RtW trip, I thought that I wanted a companion, but soon found that I met more local people and other travelers easily being alone. I need companionship, so I find it wherever I am traveling.

A smile is usually all it takes to make the contact. And I do smile a lot - whenever I make eye contact anywhere. Maybe, for a girl, that can be interpreted as a 'come-on'. If so, then smile at other women/girls, youngsters, and obvious families. Most people in the hostels will be friendly. I sometimes went to a hostel to socialize even if I were staying in a hotel. I'd probably put you up for a few days here if you get here. Don't worry, I'm an older widowed retired man, and my 50 year old daughter lives with me. Besides, I'm able to wear the Nightwatch tartan, so that makes me - whatever. But then, I was even safe as a young man. If you are even reasonably sure of yourself, you will have a wonderful time on your trip. Don't forget the smile. There are lots of decent people - even the ones who are potentially interested in more than friendship. Just keep it 'potential'. Actually, I think all men are/have the potential thing, but most are decent, un-demanding, and willing to let it happen if it does rather than pressing it.

I've been surrounded by (and I don't exaggerate here) several hundred people all trying to help a seemingly-lost stranger in a back street of Cairo. So many, in fact, that I was afraind they would start fighting among themselves because of differing opinions as to how best to help me. I thanked them all loudly, and departed the scene to prevent that. Two teen-age boys even followed me around several corners and insisted in accompanying me to my doorstep 1/2 mile away - just to make sure that I got there. It helps to speak French in Cairo if you don't speak Egyptian Arabic. Sorry, I do run on - drawing on a lifetime of experiences.

10. Posted by jsherw (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hostels in USA at Hostelling International USA
This may help you decide.
I found beds in California at $15-20
Even at Stanford area. There are two at lighthouses on the coast nearby as well, plus the $30 one in San Francisco I mentioned previously.
Complete list here and prices and reservations.
Have a good trip even if you don't come to US.
Why would you go to Miami? Everglades maybe.