Is Norwegian Airline Shuttle reliable?

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I mean, have u ever experienced a more than 2 hours delay or cancellation of flights in January traveling with Norwegian Airline Shuttle ?

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I've flown them a few times and never had any problems. In fact, I'd say the opposite is true. They are very punctual and incredibly service minded for a low cost carrier. 2 years ago I missed a flight with them due to my own stupidity. While in the train heading to the airport I tried contacting them to change my date or let them know I was on my way. The customer service center had closed by then (due to time difference) and I never got a hold of them. Once at the airport I had to book a ticket for the next day as expected. Now usually, if you miss a flight because you are dumb and can't read a clock properly (like in my case :)), then you are out of luck trying to get a refund for the unused leg. I don't know if they were just having a really good day or what, but when I called they said, no problem, what's your account number and refunded the entire amount from the first leg. I was very impressed and very surprised! They recently launched some kind of service where you can change your ticket up till 20 minutes before flying too, which should be useful for a lot of people.

Compare that to Sterling who I will never ever fly again, no matter how cheap they are. On a recent flight to Barcelona we had 3 hours delay leaving Oslo and 10+ coming back. They are short on planes, so if one flight anywhere in Europe has a delay, the entire Sterling network goes down. Rumor has it they are also on the verge of bankruptcy....