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I am traveling solo through Thailand in Feb for a month, I would love and really appreciate any hints in terms of safety, great things to do where you can easily meet new people, the best places to visit and the can't miss things to do!

Many thanks!
x :)

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I am flying out to Thailand for the first time next month and I got given one safety tip by a mate who goes every year. He told me to carry two wallets, one of which you can afford to lose and another which you keep all you important cards and cash stashed away somewhere that no one knows other then yourself!


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Welcome both of you, KiwiLass and JayDizzle

It's good time for traveling in Feb because it is late of winter. No rain, of course. So... normally Thai ppl go to the north part because we want to get cool weather. If you come from cold country, you may not feel any cool.. Hahaha. It's also a great time to go to some beach. I prefer Andaman side to Thai Gulf. Well, if you want to go to some island or some beach, you just check it out. I'm pretty sure that you can go to any beach that you want, since the weather is great on that time. One more thing, you should not miss old temples in Bkk. And... I hope our situation about protesters will be better soon.

For JayDizzle, now we have a rain almost everyday....hmmmm

have a nice trip for both of you ;)

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Cheers for the info nin_hydrin. Luckily I come back to Thailand In Feb to catch some of the better beach weather :)

I reckon next month will consist of temple going, sight seeing and heading up northwards :)

Any advice on what I should pack to tackle the weather?! I got thin waterproofs, but am mainly packing light t-shirts etc

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Feb is a big month in Thailand. looking to meet up with an other traveler(s)? try the soi1guesthouse hostel in Bangkok. guest friendly management , well located Full of info, very social and safe . have a google, see if it meets your needs.
on the FB too.

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I like the 2 wallet hint, I have used that myself when out on the town in Pattaya. But, what I suggest you get is an undergarment money pouch. There are some nice ones on Khao San Road for small baht. Perfect for having your valuables hidden from view. KSR is a also great place to meet other travellers. You will not be solo long if you are the least bit outgoing. There are heaps of kids doing the same thing you are, bumping around Thailand. If you chat up others at your GH or at restaurants, you will meet other travellers heading to the same place you are. It is very easy to hook up with some other girls and start travelling together. I am sure you will have a great time while in Thailand. Good luck to you.

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Quoting KiwiLass


I am traveling solo through Thailand in Feb for a month, I would love and really appreciate any hints in terms of safety, great things to do where you can easily meet new people, the best places to visit and the can't miss things to do!

Many thanks!
x :)

A variation on the two wallet trick is to have a wallet with only a few dollars in it and maybe some junk stuff - when confronted by a thief you throw the faux wallet one direction and you book feet in the other direction!

I talked to one woman traveler who when she had to take a taxi a long distance from the airport late at night, she would use a camera phone to photograph the taxi numbers and even the driver - telling the guy she was sending it on to a friend for protection! The same thing would probably work even if you only pretended to take a photo with a regular cell phone.

I think you are safer to stay in hotels that have a security box and you use that serial box for storing your valuables. If you plan on staying in dorms your security is less. If something comes up missing from your room it could be a fellow tourist and not the hotel staff.

If you are going on a long tour with some tour company or someone you just met - inform the hotel staff where you are going and with whom - even get a plate number for your safety too! When the driver knows that someone knows he is alone with you he is less likely to do anything bad - hopefully! The majority of tour companies in Bangkok do provide a service that is pretty good and safe. If you travel on a group tour or in a van with other tourists - even safer! Safety in numbers!

When you walk around keep some small money in one pocket for cheap purchases. Avoid flashing big bills around. If you take a taxi make sure you have some small currency to pay the fare if you want any change returned!

Keep in touch with your family and friends via the internet. Tell them where you are going, tell them about any people you are traveling with and anything you think will help your family to find you if something happens.

You can store "must remember" information in email form. Stuff like flight itineraries, travelers checks serial numbers, flight confirmation numbers for e-flights. Also, any addresses, telephone numbers and other data can be stored in an email that you can send to your self and then save it into memory. Don't use a screenname or password that other people may know if you intend to put anything you do not want others to know - like credit card numbers (perhaps in a code.) You can open up a free Yahoo account that only you know the password to.

Be careful who you share your hotel key with! Just like men on the road, figure out how to keep your valuables safe from anyone you invite into your room! Several of the women who were attacked in Phuket were going out in the bushes or down some dark road with some guy they just met up with!

You can take a laptop with you if you want but keep in mind that there are very few safety boxes that you can stuff one in for safeguarding! If you plan to stay in crappy places or dorms your chances of having a laptop stolen is much greater. You really don't need a laptop in Thailand because there are so many cheap internet shops all over the place. If the excuse for a laptop is because you want to save photos you can also use a portable flash drive or even high capacity SD cards or Flashdrives.

Regular cautions about only taking enough money on the street to see you through a day or two of shopping - keep the rest locked up! Don't wear fancy gold chains, there is always some guy, wandering around town with lots of gold chains around his neck, who has some kids rip those chains off his neck and out runs him!

I prefer a room on the second or third floor so no one can climb in your window. If you stay in an air conditioned room you can keep the windows locked too! Side benefit with A/C and shut windows is that there is less street noise and fewer flying insects!

I like pants with velcro on the pocket flaps. You can sew this stuff on yourself, it is easy. If someone wants to pick your pocket you will (hopefully) feel the tug or hear the rip sound.

The normal stuff - like avoid dark alleys late at night, be careful of extra friendly people you meet - they may want something! There are guys in Thailand, Phuket in particular who make their living off of foreign women.

Google up Tuk-tuk scams and gold and jewelry scams. When you need a taxi in Bangkok hail a moving taxi at the road, taxis parked at hotels and bus stations often want to bargain the fare and you pay more! When you get a meter taxi tell the driver meter only and if he agrees then hop in. If he refuses then get another one of the many hundreds of taxis cruising by. If you have a hotel in Bangkok near the Skytrain you can use that rail service to get around town quickly and cheap. No Skytrain in the Khao San Road area!

Good luck.

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Hey there
I went on a solo trip to Asia (and yes I'm a girl), and my trip started in march last year.

Basicly what I would tell you is keep your head on straight but still have fun :)
In my case Thailand was the nicest place I wisited on my trip and I ended up spending 2 months there (would have stayed forever if i could ;).

I can only tell you what I did to arrive safely at home so here is..

I didn't carry any expensive things on me, I left my SLR camera at home and made do with a simple digital camera nobody was interested in.

I did the two wallet thing but maybe in a slightly different way - before I left home i sowed a small pouch that I could pin on the inside of my pants and there I kept my credit card and the majority of the cash I had on me. I my pocket or wallet I had only a few baht and a debit card with no balace on it ;)

Allot of "nice" local people approched me wanting to help me get around, and in some cases I took their help and it was okay. But in allot of cases it seemed strange and then I politely got the hell out of there. Use your head and you can tell when your being scammed and when your not.
(Also when I joined up with some friends in Bangkok I noticed that they got hassled allot more than myself because they would politely say "no thank you" and they ended up getting chased around. I simply walk pass without a word and never got hassled. Also in Bangkok I would always ask for "meter" when taking a taxi and for me I never got into trouble for it. Open the back door and ask for a meter, if he won't accept, close the door and find another one)

Make friends but make the right friends. Personally I looked for easy going people like myself and stayed clear of the "insane" party people. If something dosen't feel right, it prolly isin't so again, get the hell out of there.

If there isin't a security box at your bungalow and you really need to leave something important while you go out, stick it in your dirty underwear bag ;) Also if you have something nice in your room, throw dirty clothes over it and never leave your room with something nice in sight. I can't guarantee it but it always worked for me ;)

And for me personally, stay clear of places you know are going to be trouble.
I'm not the sort of person that want's to go to Pattaya, Phuket or Samui etc. and maybe my advice won't go far in places like that. I did go to a full moon party in Koh Phangan and yes it was okay fun (not my cup of tea really) but for me the most scary part of my trip was a few days later when I had to walk alone to my bungalow (that was slightly remote) from Haad Rin at night - and I wasn't scared of the locals, I was scared of the other tourist in that place.

Just use your best judgement and you'll be fine :)

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i spent a month in thailand and besides being hassled by tuk tuks and cab drivers. I never had many problems. I never carried much cash on me which you don't need a lot of anyway. Since you'll most likely fly into bangkok, take the bus from the airport to Khao San rd. It costs about 150 baht. It's the Banglampoo bus, there is a kiosk on the far left side when exiting the arrival area. For a single person you save a lot of money compared to a cab, and its a bit safer and drops you around the corner from KSR. Once your on KSR, find a guesthouse, get a room. Then unless you need it, just carry a bit of cash on you, maybe 200-300 baht instead of your wallet and go meet people! You'll pretty much get hassled right away by the dozens of tuk tuk drivers standing around, just do as was mentioned earlier and ignore them.

The full moon party is a fun thing to do if thats your thing. I try to tell people it was the most amazing time id never want to do again. It's just wild. But you have to be really carefull. Even locking your stuff in your room won't help a lot of the time. A lot of places are broken into that night since its well known that everyone is at the party. One thing we did was put our own padlock on our door instead of the one the guesthouse gave us. Then we shut and locked all the windows from the inside and we had no issues at all. Just remember at the end of the night, the price to leave the party is a lot more then it was to go there lol. Learn to bargin :)