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My husband and I and another couple are planning on going to Spain on our vacation in April or May for 2 weeks. We are from Canada and have no idea about the exchange rate and how expensive it is to shop there. Where would be a good place to stay.? Would you recommed an all inclusive vacation?

Someone had told us that you get good value for the Canadian dollar when shopping , does that mean that things like leather etc. would be less expensive than what we would pay in Canada??


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Hi Helen,

Welcome to Travellerspoint, I don't honestly know a lot about whether Spain is more or less expensive than Canada. What I can do is give you my links for Spain if you're interested. I haven't been to Spain since 1995 I think but always loved it. Been to Mallorca about 12-13 times and to the peninsula 4 times over the last 25 years or so.

Here's a currency converter which is quite good, I think, you can go back and check currencies at a specific date: Spain has introduced the Euro so no more
pesetas From people I know who frequently go to Spain it's still reasonably cheap to live there.

As I don't really know what you want from a holiday it's a bit difficult to give advice on where to stay. Mallorca is my favourite place - I'm not even afraid to admit that anymore Most people think of drunken tourists and non-stop parties but to me it's a lot more, it has everything. Good beaches, mountains, valleys, cliffs, sights and tranquil villages, wonderful place. Otherwise the south of Spain might be an option, it's more touristy than the north of Spain though, but it has some great places as well, such as the "white cities".

Let me know if you'd like the links I have for Spain, admittedly a lot of them are for Mallorca and some even in Danish but I should have a few you could use.


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It is very hard what to visit in Spain whitout knowing what do you like to do. Here you can visit big citis as Barcelona, Madrid.... or smalll lovely towns with lot of history as Avila or Segovia... go mountain at the Perenees or just go to the beach and go out everynight until breakfast time. If you still have not decide what t0 do just ask
About prices I cant say anything about how the exchange is, but I can tell you how much some thing cost where I live even it is quite expensive city, bilbao
1 l milk: 0.45€
1 bagette: 0.75€
A cocke: 2.50€
A coffe: 1.00€
A hotel night at the hotel in front of home 3x (2px): 62.00€
A night at the Youth Hostel: 22.00€

If you need more information just ask


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I have been going to the costa blanca - Alicante for the last 24 years, and it is fantastic. May, would be great time as the weather is really nice and it is still quiet. It has an airport close to the main city centre and a fantastic marina, where you will see all the million pound yaughts. It is very spanish which is great and has lots of prospects for culture and tapas.
The markets are great and very inexpensive. The people are wonderful and very helpful. a definate must.

Hope this helps