How to leave your 'better' half behind when traveling?

Travel Forums General Talk How to leave your 'better' half behind when traveling?

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11. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I know that when you're trying to work through something like leaving someone behind or making a choice between travelling and someone who means a lot to you, answers like "It will work out if it's meant to" can seem glib, cliched and even unhelpful.

But really that is what it boils down to. If there is love at the heart of any relationship then the other person will want you to fulfill your dreams. They will want you to be happy, they will let you go and they will wait for you. And if you love them you will come back to them.

Other than knowing that fact, there is no point worrying about it. If the desire to travel is really strong, then you have to look at how important that is in comparison to the person you are with right now. I can't relate to be honest, because I have never had to make the choice. However, I am a big believer in true love. If the other person is clipping your wings, or wont let you be yourself, then do you really want to be with them?

If anything, doing something like going travelling without them for a while is a great way to test the strength of your relationship. It's a good way to test the level of trust between you.

And if your worst fears are realised and you do find that you outgrow that person because of your travels, well, even then, you'll still be happier because you'll know then that you made the right decision. On the flip side, if you leave and you can't bear to be without them, then you'll give up your travels for them because they mean more to you.

So, by making the choice to travel you will find your answer I think.

12. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

same thing here as everyone else... me and my bf both travel alot, and ive lived over here in NL for 2 years, now its time for me to go home, hes got an opportunity in mexico he cant pass up so he'll be there for 4-6 months, plus the time it takes for him to finish up uni once hes back, so in total, prolly about a year till i can see him again...

we break up, get back together... its not handy, its not easy, but we end up together again cos we do actually love each other.

if its gonna work, its gonna work... theres not much you can do but just tell each other that youll see what happens.

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