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I was meeting up with friends in Hong Kong on the 2nd of November got my ticket booked, but things have taken a turn to for the worse and now I’ll not be able to meet up with them. But I still want still to go.
So I’m planing to go by myself, I’ve done a little travelling before (Europe with friends) but never by myself and never with out having a real clue about the place.

Just want some advice on the city, things to do and see.

Firstly is it a friendly city (for loners like me) or I’m I been a bit mad going on my own?
Cheap place’s to stay? (don’t know if they have hostels in HK)
Any good guide books?
And just general advice, do’s and don’ts, that sort of thing?

As you can see any help would be much appreciated

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I traveled alone in Hong Kong for 10 days last year. You're not at all mad for going. The city is very safe, very clean, and very easy city to get around. Oh, and quite strikingly beautiful. I stayed in a great room at the YMCA Salisbury on the Kowloon side in Tsim Tsa Tsui. It's touristy there but very close to the harbour and great views of the Hong Kong skyline with Mount Victoria looming behind it. It's cheapish - Hong Kong is generally expensive.

Lonely Planet book is great (as always). Things to do would be take the tram to the top of Mt. Victoria for the great views. Do it twice if you have time, once during the day and once at night. There is a small road (path) that loops around the mountain and makes for a great 1-2 hour walk. Other things to do are visit the islands such as Lamma. Easy to get to via ferry's.

General tip: get the Octopus card at the airport and put $50-$75 bucks on it. You can then just swipe it when you get on any bus, ferry, or subway. Transportation is cheap in Hong Kong. The subways in particular were very easy to get around on.

Enjoy the trip!!!

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The best Sightseeing tours in Hong Kong

1 day in HK Island.
Start from Hong Kong Park, after Man Mo temple; take funicular for Victoria Peak (amazing panorama), and then go to Repulse Bay Beach with Tin Hau temple, Stanley Market and finish at Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter (harbor).
Use the shuttle of the Jumbo Restaurant, is free.
In HK, take the tramway, from North to South of the city just for 2 HKD, 2h in another world, slow and peace.

Green day
Lama Island, Cheung Chow Island or Lantau Island with the big Buddha, then the village of fishermen of Tai O, that is very curious, have to see absolutely.

Shopping day
The Pacific Place on HK, or after Cat Street, street of the antique dealers.
Leave to KLN from HK; take the ferry from Central ferry pier, 3 HKD, fun in 7 minutes. Go to Ocean Center (the greatest shopping centre of the world), which is just close to the pier on the KLN side, envisage a large wallet!
In Tsim Sha Tsui, you will find these stores of cameras, telephones and tailors, you walk along Nathan Rd to Mong Kok, have a look at the Bird Market and Fish Market.
In Sham Shui Po, electronic products for computer, games for PS2, Nintendo etc. Golden Computer Center. Cheung Sha Wan road is a great place to pick up the latest fashions at the wholesale prices, and Flea Market (jade, watches, cellular, etc.) on Apliu Street open from noon to 10 pm. You can finish your trip at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok, open from noon to 12 pm.

The night
To visit Temple Street In Yau Ma Tei at night (kind of flea market).
In Tsim Sha Tsui, « promenade of the stars, fabulous view for the other side of harbor.
Lan Kwai Fong on HK side, live music and bars.
Knutsford terrace on KLN side, bars and restaurants for night

Now some website:

A Good travel book


Metro MTR from airport to Kowloon

Bus from airport to Kowloon

Single Room 140 HKD per night, clean with AC and TV.
It’s an alternative to the Chungking & Mirador Mansions, grim and filthy generally and a bad security.... hmm...
In Guesthouse
In 2 stars hotel
Or in Cheung Chow Island, more expensive

Train KCR

Bus in Kowloon

Octopus card

The weather

if you want more info contact me

enjoy your life :)

5. Posted by SADSAN (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks, that’s fantastic.
Just found a place on the net called Wang Fat Hostel in Causeway Bay looks nice and better still its cheap, (Single Private Ensuite From 16.56)
Or the Cosco hotel looks good but it’s a bit more money tho.
Did find rooms for the Pearl Seaview Hotel on lastminture.com for £31 too but its seems a little too cheap (if theirs such a thing). Looks like a really nice hotel, so there’s lots of options

Read the link http://www.dragonridge.com/hongkong/hong_kong_again.htm, which was a real help

Got myself the Lonely Planet Hong Kong Condensed book as well, so all going well it should be a good trip.
Thanks for the help

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Hi I will be heading to HK too to meet up with some friends there in Oct. Anyway I have decided to stay at Wang Fat Hostel. My friend who booked it for me told me it's a very nice cosy place and the owner is very friendly guy too. It's even recommended by Lonely Planet so no qualms staying there. =)

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good discount Hotels on Hong Kong place



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I'll be in Hong Kong by myself at the end of october (7days), as I'm planning to exchange a semester at the City University of Hong Kong (checking the place out). I'm also looking for a cheap place, aka hostel..
btw I bought the lonely planet guide yesterday...

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Yo guys i just came back from Hong Kong and everythign about that place is still so fresh on my mind. The Wang Fat hostel is a cozy place although the room is a little small esp is you have a huge luggage bag. the hostel owner Sam is very knowledgeable abt the surroundings and very nice too. it's located on Causeway bay which is a shopping area.

HK is so packed with pple, made me quite frustrated at times. But if u like to stay up late it's the place to be... the city is hardly asleep. Even at 1am in the mornign, there are some boutiques that are open. And the streets still streaming with pple. The transportation system is quite good, you have everything from ferry, train, bus, taxi, tram.. everything. Food there is so so only.. i really missed food back in Singapore.

It is generally safe in HK, no problem strolling the streets at late hours and u can always hop by some dim sum place to have supper at 3am in the morning. For a quick getaway to from the city, u can head to the Lamma island or the new territories - Tai Mo Shan country park. But go there (New territories) unless u know cantonese or the tpt well. u can try going to lan kwai fong in central for some nitelife.

My boyfriend is actually in HKU doing his exchange program so if u need info i can get him to give u some. I met some of his friends from Finland and Sweden as well. Hope this helps whoever is going to HK. =)