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My friend and I are off in the new year for 12 months working and travelling round Oz. Although everything is (slowly) getting organised one main discussion we've been having is the best way to get out there!! Is it best to get a return, open-ended or one way ticket (and is the last an option on a work visa?) Any advice about this would be fabtabulous


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Consider a round the world ticket for a little more in cost and a load more in options of where to travel to as well as in Australia.
If not that, then the return ticket option means, that, so long as you don't over run on your stay, you don't need to worry about the fare home again.
With a one way ticket I think you will find that there is a requirement that you must have deposited in Australia sufficient funds available to pay your return fare.

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Hi people

I'm also off to Oz in the new year on a working holiday visa. After Oz I travel to NZ for possibly another year.

Because I'm going on to NZ after Oz I had to opt for the one way ticket. As far as I'm aware the open jawed tickets are only valid for 12 months.

Thanks Bob you answered a query I had about a one way ticket and having sufficient funds.



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I'm heading to Australia in two weeks and myself and co-traveller got round the world(RTW) tickets. We mulled it over for a LONG time and we chose the RTW because;
1) The extra price was only minimal and not much of a sting in the tail
2) Date changes are not only permitted but if you call the carrier a good bit in advance to change, it's usually free!
3) Route changes are also permitted, this is at an extra fee, but not too much about 20 euro I think
4) We get to see four continents in seven months!

If you have the cash I'd say RTW, I also had this feeling that I've never been south of fthe equator before and I feel I have to see as much as possible while I'm down there! I can keep you posted on how it works out for me!
Good luck!