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hey all,

quick question... we've found a cheaper campervan but it has no air con. we're travelling for 27 days in new zealand in november. do you think we'll really need it ? is it going to be that warm?


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Hi Mico,

I've just done a quick climate search and it looks like the temperature in November is around 20-25C. I got that info from this website: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/New+Zealand/Climate/

We were there in April which is classed as the turn from summer to autumn, and it was about 20C. We had air con but didn't need it.

Hope this helps


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you should be ok as the nights will still be fairly cool in November, especially in the South Island where you will be spending most of you time I would imagine.

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You won't need air conditioning. We had our movan for six years and never turned it on. Just opened the windows if we needed air. Many vans have a deflector on the driver's side so you can leave the window down but still get some fresh air in. You'll probably need an umbrella in November. So Island can get nippy, so bring something warm if you're headed into the mountains down there.

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Off topic, but there are several web cams set up around NZ and you can check out the area where you're headed. Also http://http//discovernz.co.nz/driving/smlcalc.html is a good mileage calculator ( think I got the right link, I just pasted it from my blog page. I talk about New Zealand travel and many people don't have realistic expectations of the distance.

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thanks everyone for the replies. we thought it would be a bit warmer at that time of year but obviously not :) we ended up going for the more expensive one with air con... but mainly because it was bigger and had a better kitchen

i doubt we'll be using the air con then... and it'll save us some pennies on fuel.

thanks again,