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1. Posted by julie56 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hi :) i've got a canon 400d and i'm wanting to save for a good versatile lens for when i go to venice in february and florida in july

i have the kit lens and the 50mm f/1.8 ll

i dont want something too heavy obviously and would rather not have to change my lens too frequently, i'm willing to spend MAX 400 on the lens as i need time to adjust to it beforehand :)

any recommendation for a teleconverter, macro tube or small things like filter, extra batteries and what i should take would be greatly appreciated :)

thanks in advance for any answers, julie

2. Posted by nvdb (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

If i get it right, you search something like a Sigma 18-200, i woud recommend the OS version. Canon has also a 18-200, but i think that one is to expensive for you, i don't know the price of it, but it will be more expensive then the Sigma.

It's bad to have high expectations of a super zoom. The best is a zoom lens with max. 3-4 times zoom. A lens that can't zoom is optically the best, generally. (You call a lens that can't zoom a prime) When a lens is a wide angle and a telephoto, that isn't possible in one lens, so the beginning and the back are soft, unsharp etc. But for traveling it's great, you don't need to change lenses, it's leight and not so expensive as several lenses.

Soligor and Kenko are really good in making macro tubes, so i would take a set of 3 rings of one of those two.

Filters: UV filter for protection if you're afraight of getting your lens dirty of damaged. A polarizer: B+W and Tiffen are the best... and the most expensive ones.

Cokin makes really cool filters, . A ND (Grad) filter is cool, and other graduated filters are also nice. There are i thought 600 different filters of Cokin, enough choice!. Lee filters are also possible, these are better than the cokin filters, but also more expensive, and the Cokins are also good (enought?).

Teleconverter would be hard on a sigma 18-200.

I would take a few accu's with me when i'm going to travel, at least 2.

A statue is also necessary, you can buy a good one, with changebal (is that English?) head. so you can buy later on a better head. Manfrotto are good statue's. Gitzo also. Velbon makes statue's for a good price, and there not that bad.

Hmm a statue is really nice to have with you, but for travelling i'm not sure i would take it with me.

I would buy some lens hoods for your lenses, with a sigma 18-200 you get one for free. Canon doest give lenshoods for free, just the L lenses get a free lens hood.