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1. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

When we had our old country home my Wife, Sue, said we should get someone in to paint the basement floor, a task that I had been putting off for about a year....

"Why pay someone when I can do it?" I said, somewhat insulted that Sue thought we needed a "professional" to do this mundane job.

"Well, you know, you have been "going to do it" for about a year now."

" I know," I stated, "But I've been busy."

"You're retired."

"Well, I'd do it to-morrow but the basement floor need to be power washed.."

"I did that yesterday, while you were out jogging...."


So, To-morrow arrives and down into the basement I go and survey the area to be painted. The basement floor looks much larger then it did when we moved in.

I can't find the paint brushes...Sue comes down and finds them...I can't find the paint rollers...Sue comes down, again and finds the paint rollers....Sue stays and ask me if there is anything else I can't find.

"Where's the paint?"

Sue finds the paint.

Sue asks "Would you like me to pour the paint into the paint tray....oh, wait a minute...I have to find the paint tray."


At this point I ask Sue to leave as I am about to begin this arduous task.

I open the paint tin, pour the paint into the paint tray and then go upstairs, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit at the kitchen table, reading the morning paper.

Sue is vacuuming the living room and suddenly the vacuuming stops.

She appears in the kitchen and asks me what I am doing.

Well, I was not too sure how to answer this question but I thought, if she couldn't see what I was doing I would explain.

"Having a coffee break."


" Well, I think I need one....."

"How much painting did you get done before your coffee break? I mean, you were down there all of 5 minutes."

"That's true", I said," but it was a productive five minutes."

"What did you get done?"

"Well, I poured the paint into the paint tray."

"Do you realize that, if you take a coffee break after every 5 minutes of "work" you'll never get it done? I mean, you just had breakfast."

So, on my way downstairs I tried to rationalize this statement......Couldn't. But, I did say that Union workers get coffee breaks. Only retort I could think of.....

So, put on my headphones, put on my paint clothes and away I go. Paint , paint, paint...

Things are going smoothly, the painting is a work of art...well, you get my drift.

So, after about an hour and a half....Seemed much longer....I realize something.

"Sue," I call out, "Can you come down here?"

"Can't right now...What do you want?"

"I need to see you."

"Well", says Sue," Come up here."


"Why not"?

"I have a slight problem."

Now, the problem I had was something that was going to be very difficult to explain to Sue.

I really couldn't believe it but I had painted myself into the corner and could not get to the steps leading way, no how.

I was cornered......

Sue eventually came downstairs, surveyed the predicament that I was in, shook her head, and headed back upstairs.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Well, I think it's time for my coffee break ....."

"Well, what am I supposed to do in the meantime?"

Sue poked her head around the doorway and said.." Why not call your Union?"

I could only remember the old saying about watching paint dry.....

2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I honestly can't say I have ever painted myself into a corner... Though ingenuity did strike when painting our upstairs hallway floor and the stairs. I thought, "I'll paint every other step so we will still be able to go up and down and when those are dry, I can paint the remaining ones." Great idea! I get out my cans of paint - yes, more than one was needed for this job. See, we have an ocean theme going so the main part of the upper floor is light aqua (shallow water), the middle floor and top set of stairs are teal (medium depth water) and the bottom set of stairs and landing are dark blue (deep water). It's a very oddly designed stairwell and hallway. We didn't do it - it's an old farm house so someone else did it. Anyway, I have my cans of aqua and teal, two brushes and two pieces of plastic wrap (to wrap the used wet brushes in while I paint the next color - no wasting brush cleaning time when I was going to do a second coat anyway). I gleefully paint the aqua, wrap the brush and then paint the teal - painting every other step as planned - remember, so we could go up and down. I am so pleased with my progress that i finish up with the dark blue, landing and all... Now, Kris is working on some other project somewhere else in the house and needs a tool that he had left in the computer room (because he'd finished some project in there just prior to my gleeful painting spree). In my excitement, I remember I had painted every other stair so I could easily retrieve said tool for him. This excitement was quickly dashed when I looked at the stairs and realized I had painted the top step of the lower set, the landing and the bottom step of the upper set. There was going to be no going up and down. There was going to be no tool retrieval. There was only going to be me, watching the paint dry, and hoping it would be dry by bedtime. The thought of sleeping on the living room floor without blankets or pillows sent shivers down my spine so I resigned myself to washing out my wonderfully wrapped-up brushes and poured a martini. See, the linens are all safely tucked away in the guest room closet and the guest room is safely tucked away at the end of the upper part of the hallway, which is a lovely light aqua - and wet...

3. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

And I thought I was slow.......I have the PERFECT solution...All you have to do is get a ladder and have Kris go upstairs, open a window and you can get in THAT way.

I mean, really......

4. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Quoting chayisun

And I thought I was slow.......I have the PERFECT solution...All you have to do is get a ladder and have Kris go upstairs, open a window and you can get in THAT way.

I mean, really......

Uh-uh... See, there's a bit of a rub there - I don't do ladders more than 5 treads high. I made a deal with our ladders, I don't try to climb up to the second floor windows and they don't make me fall off and break something, like my neck. Besides, I at least painted myself into the kitchen which had the vodka and a refrigerator full of food in case a snack was needed while watching the paint dry. I bet you didn't have vodka nor snacks in the basement corner... (And from the "sound" of it, Sue wasn't hurrying down with sandwiches to toss at you either.)