Tourists who insist on tipping regardless of the custom

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Quoting mcounsel

I have always found this an interesting contention amongst travellers.
i hate tipping, and i will refuse to do it, unless the waitress has done a very good job or is extremely hot.
Whilst travelling I have often been pressured into tipping, because i am told that they don't earn enough money or make minimum wage, which i have just found out is incorrect. If they don't make the required 8% in tips under the IRS's guidelines then the onus is places onto the proprietor to make up the shortfall. so why does everyone still tip? and another thing if they want you to tip a certain percentage, why not just put the price up>

1. 8% is awfully low, don't you think?

2. They don't raise the prices because they want to give people like you the option of tipping. They also want to encourage good service so they institute tipping as a means to do that. I've eaten inplaces where the tip is automatically added to the price of the food, and often the service is outrageous because they already have their tip, so why bother?

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