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Quoting Sander

Although Jucy is rather cheap, you really get what you pay for with them. When I rented with them, I had my car broken into (window smashed in, dashboard ripped out completely in order to get to the car radio), and the people manning the Jucy call center were completely unhelpful and unsympathetic, interested only in ascertaining that none of the damage was their responsibility to pay for. Their policies not only didn't cover any of the damage (when I cause an accident, sure, but I'd have liked to know in advance that I'd be responsible when damage was completely out of my control), but I also wasn't allowed to replace the car radio myself, which meant I had to travel for the remaining time without any music - not fun when you're in a car by yourself and have hours and hours of driving to do.

The whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth; definitely never going to rent with them again.

They give you a sexy price, but void all the responsibility when accident really happens. here is my experience:

I rent a car in NZ from Jucy ( ). I brought their stress free insurance (i thought it is full cover insurance). Unfortunately, I failed to stop at a giveway and crash the car. And I was charged as careless drive.

Jucy told me that the insurance become void because I was charged. Meanwhile, the 3rd part insurance company also wanted our insurance company (jucy) to pay the car repairing fee, and Jucy put it to me as contract become void.

here is the term:
they say I breached the term 9(d): The hirer should not: Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated in breach of the Transport Act 1962, the Traffic Regulations 1976 or any other Act, regulations or by laws relating to road traffic.

Even worse, Jucy directly charge me using my credit i gave them before without any permission or authorization

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