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1. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I am 25 and have hardly been anywhere. I've finally decided now is the time to get out and see some of the world before I get too tied down. The plan is to arrive in Bangkok early Jan, travel round Thailand, Malaysia, then Australia and New Zealand.

I'm going by myself since I've realised if I wait for someone to go with I will never go. I'm really excited and I'm sure that this will be a great chance to make new friends and generally have the time of my life.

However, although I'm doing lots of research and I've got a lot of common sense I am still absolutly terrified. Can someone reasure me that I'm not completely crazy?

Are there any other travel virgins out there doing anything similar alone, or just anyone else who fancies meeting up along the way?

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meet me in KL ,Malaysia ;)

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Hi Liz.
I had travelled a bit before going to Thailand, but always together with friends or family. So when I decided to head of to LOS alone I was a bit worried at first, the typical questions like, Will I meet someone to travel with, is it dangerous, is it hard to get a place to stay and so on crossed my mind more than once. It is just the normal thing when you wander of to something completely unknown, but well, you`ve got nothing to worry about.
In Bangkok just head of to KhaoSanRoad and you will meet someone in approx 5 minutes, that, either is heading your way, or have already been there. All the people are more than happy to share their experiences and beer is rather cheap in Thailand, Thailand is also probably one of the most easy countries to travel in in the whole world. Actually it is a bit of a shame, but anywhere you go you`ll meet loads of other travellers, so if you are seeking a beach just for you to hang on I think you`ll have a hard time. :)
Also this page is excellent, I met up with a girl I met here first in Bangkok, and we travelled together for sometime. And if you don`t get along with the person you`ve agreed to meet here, then you`ll have no problem finding others you can travel with. There are also alot of people travelling alone, so you have nothing to worry about.
I`m currently planning a RTW, just need to save up some cash first ( I hope I win the lottery next weekend )
Good luck with you trip, and Take Care.


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Lil Liz I know exactly how you feel... it's so daunting. I've just starting looking into going travelling for the first time, and want to go alone but worry it'll all go wrong. I can't afford to go until towards the end of 2005 (want to go in or around thailand)... that's too late for you unfortunately, but I just thought I'd say that I know what you feel like.

Tolemak....good post, you've inspired me at least!

Any other travel virgins who feel like me (and Lil Liz), who want to go thailand end of next year, to go a bit crazy and roam free.....?

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Hi Lil Liz,

Im a travel virgin too! :)

Planning to travel round america next year from May thru July on my own (all my friends are getting married or having babies!), bit apprhensive but loads of people on here seem to travel on their own so i guess if they can, i can and YOU can! :)

Mum a bit nervous about me going tho but im desperate to go and i know im going to be ok, just cant wait to get out there!! :)

Hope everything goes well for you, enjoy it! :)

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Oh i know what you mean, all these uncertainties going through your head! I set out on a RTW trip on Sept 27th this year, my mate and i had planned it for about a year! We travelled through Thailand, Laos and some of Cambodia, then a member of my mates family was taken ill so here i am back in rainy europe! Yep it happens. I was going to stay out there on my own but i all happened so fast i didn't know what to do! The travel insurance we took out covered me to come home as well so really i just hopped on the flight without thinking it through properly. I have been home a week now and i really feel depressed (i know rather selfish of me seems my mate has more serious things on her mind) anyways i am not sure if or when my mate is resuming the trip (her relative is ok for now by the way!) so really i am between two minds as to whether i will just head out on my own and maybe meet up with her if she resumes it. I wouldn't be the bravest person in the world, i have travelled before but again it was always with friends! I really don't know would i actually enjoy myself on my own, i love the idea of it but don;t know if i would be brave enough! (i know what a drip eh) well another part of me is just considering packing the whole thing in and quit while i am ahead, maybe the trip just wasn't meant to be! well i reckon i have bored ye enough with my whining on! maybe someone out there can offer me the perfect solution!!

7. Posted by mugen (Inactive 50 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hey lil liz,

You sound just like me! i've got 3 weeks to go before i head off to south america for 6 months - all on my own too. I have been waiting for years to do this, have waited for friends to sort it out and then at the beginning of this year i realised if i ever want to go travelling, i have to go alone. So i've been saving and paying of student debts and i am so close now!

Like you i've got good common sense and can defintely look after myself, but i do get really scared at times when i think about it. but its exciting too, i know i'll get through it and i'll love it, its just scary not knowing anything.

I keep thinking, i dont know my way around anywhere, i hardly know the language, who can help me out if anything goes horribly wrong, what if i run out of money, what if i cant make friends etc etc etc..... but thats whats gonna make it exciting i recon. i've never done anything like this before ever, i'm certain it will be the best thing i've ever done in a long time. so when i am feeling scared i just try to change it round to feeling excited - think about all the good things you are looking forward to not the bad things that might never happen anyway......


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Hey how's it going - typing this from OZ - this has been my first week in OZ (and I'm a virgin backpacker) - and guess what? I'm surviving I have met peeps although the first couple of days I was alone (the first being because I was blinkin' ill and slept ALL day) but listen after that you just meet people whom are also alone or a couple of girls on the same bus tour as yourselves and then you go out for drinks - usually the hostel has been pretty good with advice if you're unsure how to get places. I have a diary which may or may not be of interest along my RTW journey - it'll detail exactly how I am feeling and what I am doing etc. I am kinda wishing I came to OZ on a WHV cos it is sooo nice here - I mean really nice - and Sydney, Sydney has loads to do - I haven't even been on a proper night out yet as I've been so tired. I definitely have had more than a few opportunities - it's just I haven't bothered - tonight that all changes btw!! I am out with a girl from L.A. whom met over the internet - it's good to pre-arrange a couple of travel partners too but if not then these hostels have communal rooms etc. and you can just chat to people and the tours have one or two people alone whom you can just chat too. I reckon you just go - take it from this girl whom has just spent a week in OZ and could carry it on forever - I'm loving it!

Best of luck!!


9. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Rach!

Its great to hear that you're enjoying yourself. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

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Hello Lil Liz,

Well, my boyfriend and I are alse "travel virgins", and although I am going with him, I am still super scared so really admire anyone who would do this on their own.

We are going to be in the areas you are, but not sure when exactly, I think we will miss you for the SE Asia part, but should be in Oz around the begining of March and then are planning to stay in NZ for 5months from June and hope to rent a place, so if you need somewhere to never know!