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Just wanted to know if anyone out there can tell me how common/available it is for me to have my digital photos copied onto cds in Malaysia? My fiance and I will be travelling around the country(mostly city/some rural) for 3 weeks and just in case we run out of memory on the camera, we want to copy the pics as backup to free up some more memory space. Do we have to go to a major city centre photo developing places to do this or is it also available in smaller towns? Our other option would be to purchase an ipod to download the pics.


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There are tonnes of cybercafes scattered throughout SE Asia, often even in small villages where you might not expect them to be. Once you have found a place amongst the video-game entranced youth, you may be able to use the computer to download and burn the cd's yourself. Alternatively, you could download and email the images to a home account until you get back if your email can handle the file sizes.

I am not sure whether or not a photo store would do this for you or not, but you can always ask! If it is going to be a big hassle, you might also consider just buying more memory cards or taking pictures at a lower res to avoid the issue altogether.

Best of luck with your trip. Have a good one!


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save your money (ie. skip the ipod unless you really want one). even in small places it won't be a problem in Malaysia to have your digital photos transferred, and unless you're say deep in Sabah rainforest, one is never too far from modern conveniences in Malaysia. Besides, you can always buy memory cards along the way, those things are getting cheaper and cheaper everywhere.

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Hi. All major city and towns in Malaysia have the CD burning facilities. If you could name the rural towns that you are going to visit, I could check it out for you on the availability of CD burning.


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Hi Zoe,

I think you might be interested in this.

It's a standalone CD burner with built-in card reader. With this, you can burn CDs as you go along the way. Maybe you can burn two copies, one to be sent home by post, and bring along the other. This way, you will have a back-up in case one copy is damaged or lost.

It is definitely faster and easier if you have a lot of large sized photos. Uploading to the internet may not be a wise thing to do if you have many photos and the connection is slow.

The CP-80 model costs not more than 300 Malaysian Ringgit (approx USD80) in Malaysia.


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Won't it be far easier to just carry a small USB memory stick with large memory space? You can even get 2GB memory stick which read your finger print as password to open the file now.


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I mean... with this USB memory stick, you can move picture from your camera to the memory stick by yourself at Internet cafe, provide that the computer has at least 2 USB ports.