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So at the moment i'm lost.. Getting closer and closer to the grown up life but still ain't 100% ready for it ..
Before i want that i still desperatly want to travel 1 more time and there's where all the trouble is coming up.

If been to South America before. Travelled through Peru, Bolivia, Chili and Argentina. Loved the first 2 country's and Argentina stole my heart. It's something about Argentina that i really, really like but don't really know what it is.
Thing is that there's still a lot to be seen in Argentina and SA itself and my spanish can need some more improvement
Kind of planned it that i'll start in LaPaz and go clockwise to Peru, Ecuador and then following the Amazon to Brasil and going all the way down to the most southern point and finally returning in Buenos Aires.. Haven't checked if everything is possible and timewise etc etc.. but that's the rough sketch..

Then suddenly there was that program on TV that made me interested in Asia.. Most of the times really wasn't but what i've seen from Bhutan made me open my eyes.. Know it costs about $240 a day to be there but then it will be only part of the trip. Going from India (New Delhi or so) to Nepal, Bhutan and down south maybe to Signapore. Country's like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodja, Thailand are on the list but don't know everything yet..

The problem now is.. what should i do?
Been in SA, love it up there but is Asia something i should see?
What are the pro's and con's?
Is there maybe somehow an option that i could combine those 2 trips together in an affordable way?

What to do?

All your help is welcome, tips, links, hints.. everything..


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The only thing I can think of that might tie the continents together would be air travel. Japan Airlines goes to both Mexico and Brazil. Korean Airlines recently started service to Brazil via the USA, and Aeromexico flies from Tokyo to Mexico City via Tijuana. Both Japan Air and Korean Air also have extensive flights to other Asian cities outside of their native countries. I'm not sure if Qantas goes to SA or not, but it seems to me I've heard of them serving Brazil? Asia is certainly a most fascinating place. I've only just discovered Vietnam myself, but have been so interested after my first trip that I'm going again early next year.

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It's true...Asia is pretty fascinating! I was never really interested in Asia either...but now that I'm here, I love it! I would definitely suggest going to Japan of some research, see which countries have culture/tourist spots/history that you'd be interested in. If you come to Korea, you should see the DMZ. The culture takes more than a couple days to truly understand..and in understanding the culture you can understand the history...and the tourist spots aren't really anything worth spending your money on unless you understand the culture and the history ^^

You've already been to SA...go someplace new! I'm certainly glad I did


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That's a tough call and is really a personal decision. For me, I love Asia and have spent alot of time there. I took 3 trips to various parts of Asia (China, India, and most of South East Asia) before I decided to try South America (Peru, Bolivia and Chile). I loved my trip to SA, but my heart was still in Asia. After South America I went back to Asia to Japan for a year (and Thailand) and I still love it there. So obviously I'm going to vote Asia over SA.
Bhutan is indeed expensive and so I've never been, but if you are interested in Himalayan culture, I recommend Ladakh and Sikkim in India, Nepal, and of course Tibet.

Some of the pros for Asia, especially South and Southeast Asia:
Cheaper than South America
Food is 100 times better
Its safer. Of course small theft happens on buses and in hotels, and you must use common sense, but violent crime against tourists is quiet rare. In over two years traveling around Asia I've never lost a thing and never once felt unsafe.

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I was in Latin America for 11 months 2006-07 and never once felt unsafe.I never had anything stolen and always found the local people there so friendly.
It is very cheap as well and i would go back tomorrow.
Like yourself Argentina stole my heart (those damn Latin women haha).The people there i found to be the nicest ive met anywhere in the world.The wine,food,culture,salsa,tango,football,sights,hostels,women,women,women are all fantastic.

From local markets in Mexico where i was the only gringo and a shaven headed one at that getting strange looks (but not threatening) to being helped in a post office in La Paz,Bolivia to try and send things home but such a nice woman and then 2 seperate families in Argentina inviting me to spend christmas and new year with them was amazing.

My other highlights

Swimming in a river with dolphins in Boliva on the Pampas Tour when i could see alligators watching from the rivers edge.Knowing also that 1 day previous i was catching piranha in the same river.

Cycling along Death Road in Bolivia.

Salar de Uyuni tour from Bolivia to Chile WOW what a tour

Inca Trail in Peru

Trekking in Torres Del Paine in Chile

Iguazu Falls

Ushuaia the southern most city in the world


Every day in Argentina

Laying on deserted islands off mainland Panama

Ziplining in Costa Rica and seeing monkeys in the trees

Hiking up an active volcano in Pucon,Chile

Perito Moreno Glacier


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