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11. Posted by helper (Full Member 55 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

what sb has asked is my question too. I want to visit Europe with my husband. we are definitely on a very tight budget not because we want to economise but because we are just crazy about the idea but we cant afford the real cost of t15 days long trip.I want to visit london and i want to stay there for at least 3 nights. How would i allocate the rest 12 days. I ve visited Madrid a long time ago so i might be be interested in Seville instead. They say it is a beautiful place.
Does anybody know of a place or organization that provides accomodation for a little cost. where you can book simple but well located places, can be with a family or a hostel or bed and breakfast. whatever we pay is a fortune as our currency is very low but we are 55 year old honest people who desire to make the trip of our life. I heard long time ago there is an organization where you can stay free and then provide accommodation in your country.Does it really exist.?
Pls all suggestions are welcome and really appreciated.
tks a lot for everything you can sa y

12. Posted by Joao (Budding Member 29 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

Trying to answer Tiger and Helper from Argentina, I would say the 5 top destinations in Europe (for a first-time visit), regardless of transport issues, are:

London - Paris - Rome - Barcelona - Amsterdam

In London and Paris, you can visit Europe's finest "big cities" - lots of culture & museums, restaurants, shows and concerts, typical highlights (Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, etc). But be aware these cities are more expensive than average. Rome for me is the most beautiful european city, it's like a "live museum", with good food and history at every corner. Barcelona and Amsterdam are a younger side of Europe, Amsterdam with its canals, parks and open coffeeshops culture, Barcelona with a mix of culture, nightlife, and even close-by beaches if you have nice weather.

Mind that I'm excluding really beautiful cities such as Lisbon (my home town), and others like Seville, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Florence, Venice. (and probably a lot others that I don't know). Very personally, I didn't like Germany or Denmark much, but that's me.

Regarding transports, you can visit all european cities by train. In the north (Paris, Amsterdam, London) you surely have high-speed trains available, less in the south. For saving purposes, you can buy a 2, 3 or 4-weeks Interail pass, the full-month costs around 300 to 350 euros I guess. You can't use every train, but it's the cheapest way to travel around Europe. I did it for 1 month when I was 22 or so.

Specially for Helper, I think this interail pass can help you a lot. More, I would say if you're really on a tight budget you should avoid London, Paris, Amsterdam, or at least one or two of them - most northern cities are really expensive. Of course there are always cheap options in each city, but I remember the low-budget accomodation in these cities is at least the double of a reasonable place to stay in Lisbon, for example. So you have to wonder if you prefer staying at lousy places and eating lousy food in one of these big cities, or have a more balanced visit in other beautiful cities. I would recommend a selection of places such as Lisbon - Seville - Barcelona - Florence - Rome - Athens - Budapest - Prague. Still Italy is a bit expensive, but I find Rome a real must if it's your first time in Europe.

Regarding that exchange-houses program, I saw something in TV some years ago, I understood it was working mainly in France, but I'm not sure it still exists. Never heard of anyone using it.


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