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Hey everyone
I know you love talking about them, so lets have it! I want to hear about your Best Moments/coolest people/interesting places and most memerable things about your travels in the south pacific. I'm set to go to Australia within this year and I want to get even more excited than I already am! Thanks for sharing your experiances for those of us counting down the days until our own adventures. :)

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The Great Barrier Reef.

It's one of those few places that lives up to, or exceeds, its own publicity.

Do it!

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Black water rafting through the Waitomo caves in New Zealand!

It sounds fancier that it actually was, but it was a one-of-a-kind experience. When they turned off our helmet lights and we looked up to see the cave ceiling littered with glowworms, like thousands of stars - it was more than worth the 2-hour drive and back.

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My best moments...
Of course the dives in great barrier reef was one of the highlights.
But i remember also a time when we were coming back from a fishing trip. It had been 16hour days for the last week, i felt drowsy and tired. Mostly from hard work but also from the adrenalin.
We were just arriving to the harbor in sunshine coast, the sky was clear and all that sort of cliche. We had a beer while cruising and the dolphins escorted us to the port. I can remember every detail, even the songs from the boombox. I was alive. And then i got wasted on the beachclub.
One of the weirdest doods i met was this aussie in sydney. He lived at the same hostel. This guy was a mixture of a beachbum, indie musician and always high. He worked on a barbershop or something, a hairdresser. He got most of his weed from work, they wanted him stoned 'cause he did better job then. That's australia.