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New traveller - RTW trip ideas?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel New traveller - RTW trip ideas?

1. Posted by swgdesign (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi there

I am currently thinking of giving up my job and rented flat to go see some of the world as it has been on mind since last year and the thought isn't going away! I have never travelled longer than a few weeks before so I am sure I will have lots of questions enroute to booking my adventure.

I am thinking about a 6 - 12 month trip encompassing the following destinations:

SE Asia / thailand
Fiji or French Polynesia - if money permits

Then a choice of the following
Miami - maybe
New York - maybe
LA - maybe
San Fran - maybe

I know I DO want to take advantage of the 12 month working visa for Oz and make a little money to fund my trip some more but would like to know if I could take on work such as the work I do in the UK - Website design / development? OR would I have to do bar work etc ?

I know I DO want to do some scuba diving (Advanced OW diver with specialities) along the way and see some of the wonder sof the world i.e. Ayres Rock etc.

I would also like to know rough cost estimations for a trip of that magnitude and how many days people recommend staying in those places I have mentioned. Australia is the biggest part of my trip.

Any other comments or ideas warmly accepted

Many Thanks

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3. Posted by travbod579 (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


I travelled the world on a round the world ticket and it took a little over 4 months. This was a bit of a whistle stop tour of some places but I enjoyed seeing things and then moving on. Additionally I have the money to fund the trip and so did not have to stay anywhere for a significant period of time and work. As for working in Oz, I get the impression that they are quite strict on rules of working there, well for perminent work anyway. However I would not imagine that would apply so strongly for bar work - web design etc maybe a little harder to get.

Your trip itinerary resembles mine quite closely - you can see where i went in my profile under my trips but to give you an idea:

SE Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore)
Australia (East Coast)
NZ (all over)
Cook Islands
USA (east and west coasts)

For 4 months staying in hostels, food, activities (quite a lot) it costs about £5000 (not including rtw ticket) last year when the pound was stronger of course but this totally depends on what you do. I would have liked to have gone diving on the great barrier reef but only went snorkling but still amazing. Jelly fish season starts around November but advisable to wear a stinger suit anyway.

As for the choice of USA destinations I would choose New York and San Franscisco. There is plenty to do in both. Miami i was not too impressed with as it was just a beach and it was being dug up and it was really humid and LA I saw Hollywood (which is a little run down in my opinion) so cannot comment too heavily. New York and San Franscisco were my favourite two cities I stopped at.

Hope that provides a little help.

Check out my trip on my profile to guage my £5000 costing.


4. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

If you are from the UK I would scratch the idea of an RTW ticket and buy a return ticket to Oz that goes via Bangkok or Singapore.

I would fly down to Oz, travel around, work, fly over to NZ and Bali from Oz, see NZ and Bali, return to Oz, fly to Bangkok or Singapore. I would then skip the last leg of the ticket and travel overland back to the UK, seeing all the countries in Asia. From SE Asia you can either use the southern route (China-Nepal-India-Pakistan-Iran-Turkey), the northern route (China, Russia, Baltic States) or the silk road route (China, Kazakhstan, Usbekistan, Russia, Ukraine). This would put the main focus on your trip not on Oz, but on the overland travel from Asia to Europe, but it would be a lot more fun.

While it would definitely be nice to see the USA, it can be also be done if you use a simple return ticket flying out of London. Flights from London to NY are not that expensive, and there are also some bargains to be had for rt tickets to Las Vegas.

For me the excitement of a trip is in experiencing the different culture and as much as I enjoyed visiting NY, I much prefer "exotic" places to "Western" cities.

As for "how much is it gonna cost", learn how to do budgets. With any trip, there are basic, one-time fees (visa, flight tickets, insurance, getting a passport) and daily budgets per person in the different countries. Start with the one-time fees. Make a list of all the things you have to pay for before you set a foot out of the door, find out their cost and add them up. Then make a list of all the countries you intend to visit, get the recommended daily budget (for example, Europe is 50 EUR per day and person minimum, Thailand and most of SEAsia is 20 USD per day and person), multiply by the number of days that you intend to stay and add everything up.

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