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Map problems and some questions

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41. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Quoting luzian

One more (unrelated) thing that I find confusing... I've set the "Maximum entries per page" to 1 as I have a map and pictures in most entries, and don't like to load overloaded pages...), but this also seems to affect the "Latest entries" list on the blog page - it only ever shows the current entry under "Latest entries". Is that intended? I think some number of latest entries should still be listed there...

Good point, this is now fixed. You'll see it in your blog.

I've also uploaded that change that Sander made to 'Edit Information' when looking at your own gallery (in your case here). The link is right under the 'Send as Postcard' link (and naturally you have to be logged in and the owner of the photo for it to show :)). Another great point and definitely an oversight! This area needs a slight redesign and I'd imagine that link gets moved a little when that happens. But for now the text link should do the trick.

Regarding the finding of all non mapped photos for editing, this is actually much easier now than it's ever been :) Just head to the 'My Photos' page and sort by Mapped To column. Next check the checkbox at the beginning of each row that you haven't mapped and hit the edit button at the top or bottom of the page to edit all of these. That will open up the edit-multiple-photos-in-one-go view. The only downside here seems to be some slight buginess with locations that you as a user have pre-defined earlier yourself, but that was working for me on a test just a few minutes ago. The only real bug here is that you can't map a photo to a location that isn't already included in our database. So for tiny places that you would normally manually map using the actual flash map and zooming in/setting a personal location, this would not work the first time. At the very least you can set them to a country though which makes updating them easier on the map view.

Speaking of map view, I just wanted to make sure you've seen that you can actually map photos by clicking on the map? Click on the photo and once it's highlighted (the yellow border), click anywhere on the map. Zooming in gives best results.

Still discussing on the back end regarding the change Sander proposed. Will let you know how that goes ;) There's some other more urgent stuff being worked on right now, but perhaps once that's out of the way, pending the size of the update.

Last but not least, I find the best way of zooming is to hold down the shift key and then drag the area you want to zoom in on. That allows you to skip several clicks and get granular quicker.

Will also look into that Serbia and Montenegro issue. That should be relatively quick to fix.