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need help on were to go

Travel Forums Europe need help on were to go

1. Posted by 2 oldies (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

we are travelling to london in jun spending 4 days on canals 9 days in total then 3 days in paris 2days in prague also travelling 1 day in berlin 1day stockholm and14days in norway for a wedding. my problem can anyone suggest if i should also do2 days florence 2 days in venice or just go to amsterdam for 3 days and 1 extra day in prague. Am i trying to do to much. we am on a very tight budget
we are going to use the overnight euro rail as much as possible

2. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member 274 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

In my opinion there's too much ground in too little time, so I'd suggest your second option, and even that would be barely possible. Berlin especially is much too short, it wouldn't be worth going there for just 1 day (you could grab 1 day from Amsterdam as Berlin is a lot bigger, although there's no pretty canals).

To make it much easier you should take a few more days off ;)

Also, travel in general isn't cheap in Europe so if you're on a very tight budget you'll get more value for money if you stay longer in each place.

Hope that helps,


3. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I would get rid of the one-nighters for sure. 1 day in Berlin and Stockholm just don't make sense, as you will almost be spending more time getting there, then you have time to spend in the city itself.

You can have time in London, Paris and Amsterdam, before travelling to Norway. If you have a little bit more time you can make 1 or 2 day stops in Brugges, Hamburg, and Copenhagen along the way. You could also travel to Berlin from Amsterdam (although I think the nighttrain to Berlin, is in fact a normal train to Brussels, and a nighttrain from there), and take a flight from Berlin to Oslo (or another place in Norway.)