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Hello there...

I´m planning to go to Oz in october or novemer as a"working backpacker"....what´s the best way to find a part-or full time work at a hostel or hotel?!...I suppose they wanna see me before employing me, but is there any idea of e-mail the hotel/hostels before arrival?!

By the way....anyone else going downthere at that time? Maybe someone else travelling alone who wants someone to travel with?!..

Best rgds


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6866 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tomas,

I can't say I have any experience finding work in the hospitality industry, but I do live in Australia and understand a little about the general work situation.. I think without a doubt, the best tactic is to just visit hostels and chat with the people running the place. If you are an enjoyable, 'fair dinkum', person you will probably get along nicely over a beer or two. The majority of jobs (non-government at least) in australia are given to mates, so getting to know them is your best way in.

Make sure you also check the newspapers, websites (eg.., and temp agencies for work. It's just like finding a job anywhere else really!

When people refer to 'casual' positions by the way, you should realize that that means that you have no fixed hours, no contract, but you do get award wages. This is generally the kind of work that working holidayers get while they're here..

Whatever the case, make sure you enjoy yourself while you're here! I imagine you will have the trip of a lifetime..

Keep us in touch with your adventures. ;)


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Hi Tomas,

Your best shot is waiting till you get to Australia. With an influx of 90 000 travellers on a working holiday visa, emailing in advance is pretty much useless. Having said that, there are heaps of backpackers finding work by just asking around at the hostels they are staying at. Especially if you don't expect to get rich doing so :) Usually you would get your room free and a small salary on top.

There are also a few agencies specializing in getting work for backpackers but my experience is you have to pay for them and the only thing they do is find work at other employment agencies so you are better off just picking up the phone book and callling all the employment agencies yourself. Oh, and in Sydney there are a few agencies specializing in hospitality....although that isn't what you specified exactly. NOSH and Benson's are two of the names I remember...usually you would need what is called a RSA certificate (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) before getting a job through an agency but they run these courses themselves for about AUD 60. It is apparently a legal requirement although outside of agencies and the big cities you won't find too many people asking for it :) It is basically a course that allows you to recognize when people are drunk (duh!) and when you should stop serving them....

Let me know if you have more questions. I worked in the industry down there for nearly a year so have heard all the questions....and I don't charge you for them like all the other companies ;)

Enjoy your time...wish I was back down there!



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I am hoping to go to either townsville or cairns in october/november. I am a computer/Network technician from Canada. I am hoping to find some work there. Not looking to make alot of money, just enough to get by. I have checked and careerone and see jobs available in those areas... but any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!