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1. Posted by Martino (Budding Member 10 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm off to australia in mid feb 2005...I can't wait. I'll be on my own which is kinda scary but very exciting. I've been to australia before but did it with a girlfriend at the time so this will be a new experience.

As a solo traveller, I obviously want to meet new people as often and easily as possible so I am considering travelling the east coast with the Oz Experience. I did the Kiwi experience in 2002 aged 22 and loved it. However, now I'm getting on in years (24) I'm worried that I'll be with school leavers and feel very old. Has anyone done the Oz Exp' recently? What's it like, is there a decent age spread?

Also, if you have any recommendations for good, friendly hostels for meeting other solos in sydney and up the east coast, I'd appreciate it. ping me an email if you have any info m -snip, use message center-

Cheers guys!

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2. Posted by gordie_3 (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

haha its funny cuz i'm worried about meeting younger people more my age, still in the late teens haha.

BUT i was JUST about to post a question about ozexperience also, so i'll just add it onto here... if you don't mind :D I'm wondering if there is a cheap way to see the coast (typical sydney to cairns) being able to hop on and off like you can with the ozexperiance group, but maybe cheaper if they weren't offering any special things on the side. OR is it worth the money to travel with oz experiance and meet likeminded younger people.

plus i'm heading on my own to sydney oct. 24th sooooo if neone wants to drop me a line feel free to do so :D -snip, use message center- thanks!

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3. Posted by babe967 (Full Member 98 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Oz experience, is maily aimed at young travellers,
I travelled with oz experience july 2003, with my 15yr old daughter,
It was no my type of travel music blaring out of bus sound system constantly.
The young travellers are very friendly amonst there own age group.
And the guides are very good at there job.

There are cheaper ways to travel up the east coast, you can travel with greyhound and jump of where you want.
Or you can ride the train from Sydney central to Byron Bay, or go straight to Brisbane. The train fare is reasonable, as i travelled this way, after i decided to ditch OZ Experience, after travelling from Melbourne to Sydney on the bus, it sure was no my scene.

For cheap hostels check out Nomads or vip hostels websites.
lots of friendly cheap hostel along the way.
I hope this is helpful to you.