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1. Posted by babe967 (Full Member 98 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Can i recommend to all travellers heading to uk, to head to scotland,as it is alot cheaper to live here,our cities are great places, you can try out Edinburgh, Glasgow,Stirling,Inverness,Aberdeen,Dundee.All these cities have good accomodation and brilliant night life.And the people are so friendly, do check out the offical scottish tourist board website for ideas. i have spaced the link out, type it into browser joined As links and personal information is not allowed.

And anyone wishing information ill gladly help'
I live in Falkirk which is 25 miles from Glasgow and Edinburgh and 10 miles from Stirling.
So feel free to contact me.


[ Edit: link fixed ]

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Hi Babe,

I've made the link work - links are actually allowed here, just not promotional ones. I think it's fine to point people to tourism board websites.

Cheers, Peter

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Hi there,

I´m French, living in Spain and I spend the greatest 5 months of my life in Glasgow when I was an erasmus student there. It´s just a must. Great people, nightlife, entertainment, landscapes... everything! I love it.

Do come to bony Scotland mates, it´s all worth seeing.


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Oh yeah, I loved Edinburgh! I think it is one of the loveliest places in the UK. It was really brilliant from the visit to the castle, the walk along the Royal Mile, I liked the National Gallery too. I like how all the building are black with soot (and no, they should NOT clean it up), just brings you back several hundred years. Though I must say the new Scottish Parliament building (the ultra-modern one) is such a monstrosity. Go to Edinburgh everyone!

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Excellent topic babe!!

Scotland is a wonderful place - the people are what make it the way it is. They are so friendly and we have a wonderful sense of humor. Ok, it might rain a lot but it gives us all character! One word of warning tho - never challenge a scottish person to a drinking game/competition - you will lose!!!

Trish xxxxxx

Scotland the brave

6. Posted by babe967 (Full Member 98 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

You are so right there about drinking game lol.
Travellers who get themselves stuck in London are missing out so much bye not visting Scotland,it has so much to offer travellers,Socts people are very friendly and helpful.So come on travellers get your self up to Scotland and see how we live.


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Hey, good one babe!! I'm from Inverness and know the rest of scotland quite well too. its an amazing place! Come to the north west coast if you want hill walking, beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches (no sunbathing i'm afraid, its bloody cold!), good surf (Thurso) and much much more. You'll find the people really friendly and hospitable. Come to Scotland!!! If anyone ever wants information on Inverness or the Highlands and Islands, let me know.


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Liking the Patriotism going on here, maybe we should start a Travellerspoint Tartan Day! Maybe not as up-market as Jack McConnell and Sir Sean in New York but the jobs a good 'un!

Happy Vagabonding to all those on our chilly shores!

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was up in abeerdeen actually covered most of scotland last year when the UK had a heat way, had the best time of my life, warm people hot weather, excellent food, and plently of cold pints, looking forward to heading back there early next year, might even decide to stay there and work:)