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I'm thinking of backpacking in europe this winter. I'm going for about 2 weeks between 17 Dec and Jan 7...and want to know what is a good place to go if I enjoy cultural activities and walking around looking at nice buildings...good musuems and food. i don't mind hiking too.
I want a place that is not too cold. I was thinking of Spain, but is there any other options? Where in Spain would u recommend? Also, I will be an Asian girl traveling alone...so I'm wondering which place is safe. I've backpacked around central europe alone this summer.

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One of the best places in winter time is Greece and especially Crete which is the southest island in Greece.
You can find more at www.climbincrete.com (my personal page) and www.explorecrete.com
If you need anything else just let me know ;)

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Absolutely Portugal (it's next to Spain).
Nice weather in the winter, excellent food, nice people, safe (one of the most secure countries in Europe), historical heritage (because of the discoveries of the 15th and 16th centuries), excellent daylight and a lot of people talk understand and talk english.
In Portugal, choose Lisbon to stay!

Best Regards

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I was just in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) November 7-17th, and I thought it was great because there were very few other tourists there. It was cold, but if you prepare for it and don't let yourself whine, it is fine.
They have excelent, excelent beer which is super fresh (Budweiser Budvar is brewed 45 min away, Eggenberg is brewed in town) and rarely costs more than $1 US a glass in a bar.

The town center is very nice, and great to explore with lots of twisty cobbelstone alleys and shortcuts.

As anywhere else where else where everything is really cheap, remember that everything you have is extra tempting, so it pays to be cautious.


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Bulgaria is the place for you to visit!
You can enjoy good places of interest, good skiing and nature and more than sure - good food! :)
I will strongly reccommend you to visit www.bulgariaski.com - there is a lot of information about the ski resorts /small and big ones/, activities and places to go during the winter time. Make sure to check the Discussion Board, where from you will receive a lot of information also.
Wish you a nice holiday!

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I am planning to take a flexi-europe trip this winter from 17th dec - 5/11 jan ... my plans r pretty flexible and mostly cover journey through france till i hit the med coast and then after i had my fill of sand and sea head towards italy for a week and if time permits take a boat to greece for few days .. (that's why my return is either 5th or 11th depending on whether i like it enough to head to greece ..)... i have done some 10 day solo trip though US heading coast to coast and this will be next in line though longer ....

if u'r trip plans criss cross mine anuwhere we can plan a meet up ... send me an email if u r interested !


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Come to Romania and you won't regret!

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Tuscany? why not?
You can find some good deals in winter.

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