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im planning on flying over to new zealand in mid february and plan on backpacking around til mid april (2 months). ive been told that this time of year will be too cold and that i wont get to see all the breath taking views this country has to offer and that all the treks will be closed.
i was thinking that as the south island has colder climates that ill first go there for about a month and then continue up north. from what i understand the south island is prettier so if it does get too cold during april i could just spend 2 weeks in the north island and go to the main spots
i would like to know what u think about the climate during these months... and if u could tell me what is the average temp during the day and at night too. just any tips will help!
im used to very HOT weather here in israel so im a bit worried!


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Hi Yaara,
You should be OK. The temperature will drop off a bit, but not too sharply. Remember though that NZ is never HOT like Australia. They may be close, but NZ is very similar to the UK in climate. Perhaps a little more reliable in summer, but not a lot hotter. And there are cold parts too.

The South Island is simply stunning. I don't imagine the tourist industry will shut down, but I can't be sure, so do some homework and email tourist info centres and activity websites to find out what's on.
Campsites in NZ are very good, and they have cabins which you can rent for as little as $10 (NZ) a day, which will be warmer at night than a tent. But if you're happy camping out then that's not a problem either. Some parts, like the NE coast around Kaikoura can be very windy. The SW coast of the Sth Island is Alpine and can be very wet at almost any time of year.

The North island is almost as nice (!), particularly the Bay of Islands right at the top. Try Paihia for example. We spent Christmas there and nothing was closed - even on Xmas day!
You could always spend some time in Auckland. One third of Kiwis live there and it's the only truly big city in the country. Tongariro NP is spectacular, with Mt Ruapehu (Mt Doom in LOTR) mighty impressive - like a jnr Kilimanjaro.

The key is, be prepared for any weather as even if it isn't cold, it will definitely be changeable. And don't expect to spend much time on the beach. Australia's beaches are the best in the world, NZ's aren't and sometimes the currents are too strong anyway.

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hey there!!
NZ is just at the end of summer in February so it'll still be warm but starting to cool off. the temp during the day usually averages around 25 degrees (C). but can get as hot as 30(ish). it does cool off during the night but it won't be freezing! things won't close down at that time. if anything, february is probably one of the busiest months of the year for the tourist industry. If you want to know any more feel free to contact me.

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Hi Yaara

When I visited NZ it was nice and warm right through February and March. Spent the first month in north part of the North island (where the tempratures were between 25 and 30 most of the time) and most of March travelling around the South island. We had one or two days when it was a bit chilly but that was right down south which I suppose is to be expected. Other than that it was fantastic weather.

Don't worry it wont be quite at that time of year. It was buzzing when I was there.



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thank u all for ur help!

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Well - thats a bit of a myth. Your thinking is exactly right. Go South First and work your way north. NZ in February is still at the best of summer. By March its getting a bit milder and by April you will know you are on your way through autumn but provided the rain hasn't started the worst it should get is what my mum calls 'Jeans and jersey weather'. The best thing to do is visit the NZ tourism site - just google those words and you should find it easily. Its not the most friendly site if you are super specific but for a lot of general and helpful info it will be good! It will also run through the climate and should hopefully give you a load of links for the local tramping tours all over the place. You can also google places like Milford Track to find out specific details about when the tracks are open. If you are walking over mountainous peaks I highly recommend Tongariro National Park - there are several fantastic walks - including Ruapehu and Tongariro Mountains. This is in the middle of the North Island and you will notice the cold if you do it at the end of march - this is an elevated part of the coutry and where all the North Islanders go to ski 'locally' - about 4 hrs south of Auckland. But when there is no snow and no rain there is a terrific walkor three you can do. I recommend Tongariro - its about 8 hours almost solid walking but the views are amazing! And when you get to the cabin on the north eastern side there are a whole load of natural hot spring pools to rest your weary and sore body in! I did it about 11 years ago and I can still vividly remember it - I aim to do it again!
I hope you have a great time and the above is of some use!

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