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Good morning!

Wondering if anyone can help me with advice about the safety of travelling in South America. I'd likely be heading out the end of next summer, with a male companion. If anyone has any information they think we should know regarding safety, accommodations, not-to-miss sights, or anything else, I would love to hear it! Thanks!

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Maybe I can help you... whereabouts are u going? The safety in SA varies a lot depending on where you are talking about...

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I travelled Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in 2003.

Generally, Chile and Argentina are very safe, especially on the "gringo trial" down into Patagonia. You are more likely to have stuff stolen from your room at the hostel by fellow travellers than anything else.

Basic safety rules - don't wear too much flashy stuff. Keep your money out of sight - have a separate wallet for spending cash and keep very little money in it (just enough to by knick-knacks and food and drink). Keep large bills, travellers cheques, ID and bank cards in a money belt.

I found the larger cities (Buenos Aires and Santiago) to be a bit intimidating at first, especially with the amount of poor people around. However, generally the poor people are less pushy than beggars in Toronto, they might ask for a hand-out, but a simple no will send them on their way. It can be heart breaking watching the families sort through the trash, but I never felt threatened by anyone.

Bolivia is a country that has had, and continues to have, it's share of problems. When I was there striking police officers had a skirmish with the military, which shut down the city for a day (and killed 22 people). The hotel staff of the place I was staying was pretty familiar with what to do to keep the guests safe. It's a beautiful country, and worth seeing, but find out before hand if any strikes are going on, as they could impact both your travel plans and potentially your safety.

I will leave other countries up to those that have been there.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there, which countries are you planning on visiting in SA I am going in December to Chile, Argentina and Brazil, hopefully Peru also. Basically as said already here, I won't be wearing any jewellery, or flashing too much cash around but apart from that I am not freaking out too much now:) I'll have an online diary so I'll probably point out any danger areas and/or must-sees when out there on that Just remember to be vigilant and if you are carrying valuables I have been told that a taxi is the best form of transport but if no valuables then a metro or bus is best. If visiting Brazil then don't wander off to the beach in Rio at night, even if not alone and don't wander around the 'favelas' (shanty towns) unless with a guide Some places I have been told to visit are Patagonia and Valpraiso in Chile, Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rio, Sao Paulo and Amazon in Brazil and Macchu Pichu, Peru I also hope to see Igazcu Falls which can be viewed from the Argentinian or the Brazilian side Happy travelling

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Thanks for all the advice!! I'm likely not going to be heading out until the end of next summer, and it will be with a male companion. I know that all us women are supposed to be strong and independant, but I do feel safer with a guy!!! I'm still trying to get details about where exactly we are travelling (he's all the way in BC, while I'm here in Ontario...it's alittle slow-going), but I will post the destinations as soon as I know! Thanks again!