Listen to your parents- quitting your job!!??

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I can't make up my mind about this one.

I've just looked into the price of my RTW ticket from STA Travel. I was planning to travel at the start of Jan, but if I go after the 15th the price drops from £955 to £820 approx (before taxes).

Well easy, wait another couple weeks and save the 15%, you might say......the problem with that is as I am going to have to quit my job and move all my stuff from my rented house back to my mum's, (like the spare room isn't full of enough crap already) it just seemed like Christmas was the best time- so I get to spend the holiday with family and friends, all nice, then jet off to Bangkok in the new year. Woo hoo!

My Mum thinks this is silly and that I should go back to work in the new year for a couple of weeks, because I would be missing out on nearly half a months wages and when you add that to the discount, you are talking quite a lot of extra spending money that I'd miss out on by going at the start of Jan. Maybe more than £600.

I think she may have a point when you think how long that would last in SE Asia but my argument is that if I was planning on going early Jan anyway, the loss of earnings is taken out of the equation, so it is only the difference in the ticket cost.

Also I can't stand my job and can't wait to tell everyone I'm leaving and where I'm going! Especially to leave at Christmas, whats the point of going back for just two weeks after the break? No-one ever really leaves when you work for a local authority, they just transfer to other departments!

Come to think about it the rent, petrol etc costs I'd pay for those weeks would be more than the discount I'd get.

I think I have just answered my own question!!!! thanks everyone!!!

I always listen to everything me Mum says bless 'er, She usually is a wise old owl but they can't always be right are they?? Does anyone else find that?

Right, I'm off to get it booked ASAP!!!!!

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Hey Liz,

It sounds like you have your decision made, already Have a good trip.

- Steph

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I was gonna do what you are and leave after New Year, it would've been a sensible idea, time to plan, earn a bit more money etc etc but I'd just left my job to change career anyway and it was too tempting to book up to leave as soon as possible to save spending more money on rent, so I did and I leave in 5 weeks :)

The best benefit to not going back to work before you leave is the quality chilling time coz I am already so excited, I know there's no way I could concentrate at work, it's the last place I wanna be. Although since I have got 5 weeks, I have considered a couple of weeks of temping but I really don't wanna ;) my holiday started the day I booked my ticket, haha!

I went for a return ticket coz as I was booking so late, the RTW I wanted was £1197 before tax. A friend sent me a web address and for my ticket the price was about the same as STA as it was late availlability, but thought it might be worth a look if you haven't already. It looks like a alright site for other information stuff too.

I'm planning to spend a month in Thailand and be in Sydney for Christmas and New year but then I have no idea :) When did you decide you were going travelling?

Best of luck