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1. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello Camera Experts!

I was wondering if any of you have a good recommendation for a really good camera that one could learn the art of photography to its finer points on, and then take on a really long trip comfortably. I have a list of features in my head that I think would be good for a photography camera. Here they are:

1. A leather case with a nylon strap (obvious), with room for a roll of film
2. Definately a film camera, not a slide camera, and perferably not digital because I've never owned a decent serious film camera.
3. Automatic flash that is a really good flash (what I mean is, you know when you are taking a picture of people on a partly cloudy day, and there are some shadows because it's in the middle of the afternoon? That's when it should still flash, but not too strong.) Anyways, who wants to take a flash attachment with them while they travel? - if this doesn't make sense, then please suggest an alternative solution.
4. Manual zoom. Definately more than 300 m., but I'm thinking like 500 m.
5. Manual focus (obviously)
6. Low light setting (or whatever gives you "night vision" to be able to take pictures of fireworks, etc.).
7. Panoramic option?
8. Automatic film moving (loading, advance)
9. A place to attach a mini tripod (I have unsteady hands)

If you know a lot about film cameras, but you don't understand something on this list, then just ask by posting again. Thank you all sincerely for your help


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Hi Steph,

If i was you i would just go to a good camera store and get some advise there. And more important have them in your had :-)

Most camera's (99%) have a tripod connection point.

Most new camera's automaticly transport film.

Don't go for a panaromic option. It's just fake (the cut a part of the top and bottom so you can do that yourself)

And for the rest just go and see in a store an get real advise (maybe visit more stores)

Good luck,


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Panoramic option will depend on your personal talent. If you go digital, then its an option.


4. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

or else a pair of scissors will make great panaramic shots

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Hmmmm .. . Thanks to everyone whoes replying :) I just put panormanic option on there to see if it is a good idea- obviously it's not! So I guess that I should look for a film camera without panorama, then! I'm still open to opinions, so fire away!

Thanks ;)



6. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

What was I thinking?! I leather case with a nylon strap?! Was I drunk? Seriously, a leather case with a leather strap is what is obvious. No wonder everything basically left this well alone.

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I know this was ages ago... but I thought I'd offer my advice anyway !!!

Im thinking more like an SLR. Most have strap attchment place - thingys, and lenses are *relitively* cheap. I own a couple 70 - 300mm Canon AF fit lenses which have travelled the world with me. One of these new, would cost you about £130, but I'd sell you one of my for £40

With Canon aswell, you're getting great optics, the autofocus is perfect, and you have manual, as well as automatic features, which is rather spiffy. The colours with Canon are unlike any other: Nikon tend to be cooler with colours (more blues and greens) where as with Pentax it's alllll about the reds. Canon gives you something neutral. So as I discovered, if your photo's are bad... you can't get away with blaming the Camera anymore !

As mentioned above... most have a standard tripod fixing, so thats nothing to worry about. As for model, I'd go for a EOS 300V. Relitively cheap if you buy second hand. I use them, and I've travlled with them. Although SLR's are frowned on for travelling, because of weight, I've managed to get away with taking just two lenses (One wide angled, one telephoto), which has covered most things I want. Although both have been big lenses, they've done the job !

Hope this helps... and good luck ! :)