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I'd really appreciate any thoughts back on this; I plan to go to Peru summer 2009 for a month, flying into Lima, staying there for a few nights and then making my way to Cusco for the rest of my stay.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but would you say Peru and the surrounding towns are safe for a Caucasian single girl to go sightseeing in the day? Is there an appropriate way for me to dress?
I'm very much looking forward to my trip, but just want a rough idea of what to expect.....


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If your young and blond you can expect lots of attention.. as in most Latin countries. If your smart, dress down were a baseball cap and look like you know what your doing and where your going and you should be fine.
I have three blonde sisters and have traveled extensively in Latin America.
Mostly people just stare (maybe yell). If you look tough they'll mostly leave you alone. I don't think you have to worry.

If you search this forum (single woman/girl traveling alone..) you'll see there are many similar posts you can gather info from.

Hope this helps a little.

Pura Vida!


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Yes, I'd say it's safe. I met several girls travelling through Peru by themselves, too. There'll undoubtedly be some over-enthusiastic Peruvian men; but then, that's certainly not unique to Peru. Basic common sense should be all you need.

I wouldn't spend more than a day in Lima itself; the city is extremely boring, plus the smog and noise can be horrible.

Cuzco is the most touristy city in all of Peru, and you'll learn to hate everyone trying to sell you everything long before you have mastered the art of ignoring them. I don't know how you're planning on going there, but from the way you phrased that sentence, it almost sounds like you'd be wanting to head straight to Cuzco and then stay only in that area. That'd be a big shame; there's so much more to Peru. (Although I guess there's enough Inca sites between Cuzco and Machu Picchu to keep you entertained for an entire month, so maybe you just know exactly what you want to see.) :)
Still, for alternatives, I can highly recommend Arequipa in the south (it makes a good halfway point between Lima and Cuzco, too, altitude-wise. Its 2350 meters are near-perfect for acclimatizing before you go higher up. Even better are some of the smaller villages in Peru, where you can explore the wondrous sensation of being left to your own devices without anyone trying to sell you something, and watch village-life go by at its own pace. I particularly enjoyed Caraz (north in the Cordillera Blanca; wonderful mountains if you want to do some hiking, though make sure you're well acclimatized before heading in that direction) and Cabanaconde (a popular base when visiting the Colca Canyon).

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I have travelled with my friend (a blond girl) for two weeks in Peru and we have never experienced any difficulties on our way. We have also met several girl travelling alone, and they all looked fine. I would also suggest you to behave self-confident, and use your common sense (don't go badly lit streets in the evening, don't make yourself look like as somebody lost, etc.).

Also if you have the time I'd advise not to rush directly to Peru, but take your time in-between, Nazca, Arequipa, Colca-canyon, Puno, Lake Titicaca have all their respective sights to discover. And leave Lima as soon as you can :)

Enjoy Peru!


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hey, thanks so much for all your help, i really appreciate it! x

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Hi I'm travellig there in July 2009. Are you looking for a travel companion in Cuzco and Machu Pichu

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I have just returned from Peru. Although I travelled as part of a couple, we met plenty of girls travelling on their own and none reported experiencing trouble. As for Peruvian men giving unwanted attention, you will tower over most of them of you are average height for women, 164cm.

If you follow usual rules about not wandering about on your own at night etc you will be fine. We stayed in Miraflores in Lima, this area has families wandering in the park and around till after 10 at night. Far more people about than in the UK at this time of night.