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planning trip of life time with my wife and 3 kids 15 13 and 10 for 3 and half weeks around Easter 08 . Kids have scouted , We have backpacked in our day . happy to stay in some basic accomodation and want to spend money on activities etc .
Want to do stuff they will remember , reef snorkling , white water rafting , jungle treking , Maya ruins etc . we are from Ireland , so dont do strong humidiity that well . Kids have only been on family holidays in Europe , travelling independantly Where would people suggest ? having looked at my lonely planet East /Northern coast of Honduras , with some Guetemala or Belize , looks like it might tick all the boxs , without spending all the time actually travelling . My wife has already been to Costa Rica , so wont go back there .
any thoughts , suggestions , websites you would recommend ?


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Well you dno't need to be told that your on the right track. There is nothing better for your kids than taking them to Central America. There is so much there to explore, Realitively safe, and a world apart from modern rich countries.

Every country in C.A. has some thing very special to offer. I don't know on what your means of travel is but I would reccomend going to a few different countries.

Honduras is very beautiful in the jungle ( and like you mentioned, the coast). But remember it is the second poorest country in the wester hemispher (second to Haiti). I would completly avoid Tegusigalpa! Not a very pleasent city. It is very poor and desperate. Driving over the border is very... well .....expect at least six hours. There are road checks every hundred or so miles when driving through the country.

Guatemala is a very special place with much more of a hospitality few tourist. The volcanos (some of which you can climb) are unique and powerful. The people are different than other Latin counties. They are simple and very freindly. The countryside is often breath taking. Atitlan and Amatitlan both have wonderful lakes and huge atisnia markets. Nearby look up a place called Auto Mariscos, It is a fantastic water park, hotel, restourant, soccer park. It is cheap and would be a blast for the kids. Though most the people are exectionally poor the seem happy and content. THIS would not be a country that I would miss.

I am not quite sure why you would eliminate Costa Rica so quickly. It has every thing you could ever want and more. It is the safest country in C.A. The people are intelllegent and freindly as I'll get out. I know some really fun places. They have some awesome Adventure Parks with zip lines and swings and what not. of the forty countries I have been to It is in the top two or three. But suit yourself.

Panama is also really cool I personally loved Panama City. Being on the coast it is a major international hub but not really the place your looking for. on the eastern coast though I hear it is pretty spectacular. i know you can sail along tribal islands to Colombia for not too much dough. I wish I would have done it. Colon is supposed to be beautiful but also dangerous. (is there any place people don't say is dangerous? LOL.)

Nicaragua is also one of my favorites. I love the town of Rivas. it is on the coast of one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world. Honestly I did not see nearly as much as I would have hoped. But from every thing I picked up it is a very special place with very special people!!!

I would deffenatly hit Guatemala then maybe drive over to Mexico near the Yucatan. There you can see the best ruins and some pretty cool beaches and jungles. Mexico in a word: ROCKS! It is more civilized than C.A. but some how you can't get over the fact that these people apear to have not one car in the world! Every day is filled with fun!

I would insist that you learn some spanish. ESECIALLY for the kids. It is easy to learn and willnot only help you imensely in C.A. but also for the rest of your life. Rosetta Stone is an exelent way to learn. If you learn some spanish (other than hi wat's up?) it will increase you experiences by 50%!

I hope this helps, you can pm me any time I can anwse any other q's.

Pura Vida,