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I am travelling for the first time with Ryanair, from Göteborg to Stansted. I saw that you may now have 10 kg carry-on. I thought I would use my carry-on on wheels which meets the size limits. Does anyone know if a carry-on with the allowed measurements 50x35x20 would fit in their overhead bins, or would I have to put it under the seat in front of me? Ryanair states that you may only have one piece of hand bagage. Is that in addition to a regular size female purse? I heard somewhere that they have discontinued reclining seats, is that really true? May you bring your own sandwich and beverage on board? Any other useful information would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I would expect your suitcase to fit in the overhead bin. Just try and if it's doesn't fit then just put it under the seat infront (but i don't expect that to fit)

On my webpage http://www.ghptravel.com/htm/bagage/cabin.htm i put the cabin luggage sizes so if you luggage (outside size incl. wheels and handels) is within those sizes then their would be room somewhere in the cabin.

I don't know if they make problems if you also bring a small purse. I don't expect it i normaly have a small bag in my handluggage that i get out on the plane (with my food and drinks).

Last time i use ryanair (may) we had normal seats but they are gone change it.

And finaly yes you can bring your own food and drinks on board.



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If you check Ryanair's homepage, you'll get info on size of cabin luggage:

"Only one small piece of hand baggage (e.g. handbag or briefcase), weighing not more than 10kg and being less than 50cm x 35cm x 23 cm (20 x 14 x 9ins) in dimensions is allowed in the cabin. "

We travelled Ryanair less than 2 weeks ago, and I had a handbag besides the other bag, my boyfriend had a small rucksack and noone said anything. When going back from Stansted to Malmö one of the bags was about 11 kg and the other a bit more than 9, but they allowed us to take stuff out of the bigger bag and put into the smaller one. They were very friendly about it in Stansted and seemd to not really care wether we had a bit more than 10 kg each. Those 20 kg between us was apart from our other handbags/rucksack.

Ryanair might do the same as Easyjet so that would be why they weren't really bothered too much about our hand luggage. Easyjet has no rules for weight only size of hand luggage, as long as your able to haul the bags into the lockers on your own.

If you seated at the back of the plane or close to an emergency exit you won't even be able to have hand luggage or jackets underneath the seat in front of you during take off and landing, that will have to go into the overhead lockers as well.

As for food and drinks, we saw several people drinking their own beers and eating food they'd brought themselves, so I guess it's OK.

Remember if you're on a budget trip, you can take a coach into London instead of the Stansted Express. There are now several options, one of the cheaper ones would be the coach going to Victoria Street St., about 8,5£ one way/13,50 return, takes about 90 minutes. The Stansted Express is 13-14-£ one-way. Then there's National Express coaches from the airport to a number of places in London, app 10£ one-way. Check out the airport homepage for all info: http://www.baa.com/main/airports/stansted/getting_here_frame.html

Have a nice trip