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Will be arriving UK in early November 04.

Never been so far or long away home. So this time I'm making the most daring move of my life to live and find work in a foreign land.

Looking for good advices and if possible help in getting a live-in job before my arrival.

I hope to travel and work as much of Europe as possible.


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Some sources of information on accommodation, work visa application and sourcing work: -

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Best piece of advice you are ever going to get -
Get your UK BAnk account sorted from home - you will not be able to do it here in the UK!

OK thats a slight exaggeration but not much. Its possible to sort it out from the UK but I don't know anyone who has done it in much under 6 months and you can't get paid if you don't have a bank acount. One couple go their account just before they left for home! I have no idea how they survived but they weren't here for too long! So make sure you ask around and find out which of your local banks can arrange a UK bank account for you. The forms were really confusing so ask for help but DO NOT leave it til you get here. No bank will give you an account from here without put up a lot of barriers nor will an employer pay you cash so please take this advice.

As for live in jobs - Nannying if you are so qualified is good. Some pubs do live in and its a good way to meet locals.
Try BUNAC which has a website and may be a useful organisation to chat with - they do this every day for people and its not just setting you up with a place to stay and ajob - they arrange all sorts of travel and you end up with a massive array of Travelling contacts from all over the world!

Be prepared for long dark nights in winter and enjoy the christmas lights. Everything is an adventure - talk to everyone you can who has been here because they all have useful stories and advice and just have fun! Its great I have been doing it for 3 years - I am definitely happy I did it!
And make sure you can email home or call every few weeks - its really helpful to be albe to tell the folks at home what you've been doing to spur you on to do more!

all the best

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Hi all,

It was really very good to read such nice advices.Really Appreciated...

There r few questions of mine which I would seek an answer for ... will be very thankful for getting a helpful response.

The WHM Visa Form asks for few of the questions ... the answer of them are very subjective ... could any1 can guide me for the best answers for the same which have higher probability of getting the visa ...

1. Reason for going ?
2. Family & friends there in UK ??? If I will show ,will I get advantage & what if I have friends there ...
3. List of Consultants of the Employement Agencies who can help in Management sort of jobs or in a Call Center.
4. Does letter of Invitation from any friend helps ??? If yes ,than what all should be the content of that letter.

Can any1 plz refer some really important websites which will help for job purposes + names & email addresses of the Agencies which help in management jobs (Executive/Middle Level) or Call Center Jobs???

Thanking you,

With regards,

Ashish Bansal
Young Achiever...

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hi banana-rep
since u r going in Nov, it will be advisable to bring ONE good water-proof jacket coz it rains n snows between nov - feb. things there are cheap if u know where to go to get them n r not picky. coz some clothes in s'pore / m'sia isnt suitable.

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Just wanted to add that often the key to being allowed to the UK under a working holidaymaker visa is to show that you intend to return, so don't forget to provide suitable evidence to show that you have every intention and reason to return home at the end of your stay in the UK... many people fail for this reason

Dean Marshall

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