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eurotrip by motorcycle or train?

Travel Forums Europe eurotrip by motorcycle or train?

1. Posted by Terr0rX (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,
My dad lives in france and owns a 125cc motorcycle which aparently i can ride on an international license but im undecided between taking the bike or taking the train as by train there would be more people to meet as ill be travelling alone ,wat would you guys suggest?

Another thing ,Ill be heading there this coming summer and i want to see italy switzerland, netherlands germany and spain as iv already seen france , so is there a best way to do it in a month and what cities do i take on the tour??
Pls help me get on with the trip,

and another thing my dad lives near Aix en provance in the south of france, so ill be starting my journey from there!!

Thanks a ton in advance!

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

5 countries in 4 weeks? That is crazy. At a maximum you would be able to cover 2 countries in 4 weeks, say Germany and the Netherlands. Germany and Spain? Forget it, you'd need at least 6 weeks. For Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain together you'd need approx. 3 months.

If you are mainly interested in Spain or Italy and or have a small budget I suggest you travel with the bike and a small tent. Stay on camping sites and cook your own food on a camping stove. A 125 ccm bike is not very fast, with luggage it will be even slower. Do not try to combine another country with either Italy or Spain. Instead take your time to see the small villages off the beaten path. Tour the whole country.

When you travel by train a tent is extra baggage, plus without your own transport it is difficult to get to camping sites. So when travelling by train you are bound to stay at hostels, which is (combined with the train ticket) more expensive. Also instead of seeing the countryside you'll be pretty much travelling from city to city. Yet you should be able to cover longer distances, especially if you take night trains. With this method combining Switzerland, The Netherlands and Southern and Western Germany might be doable, if a bit rushed.

While it is true that with train+hostel your chances of meeting people are higher, you can also have great fun with bike+camping sites. Bike+Camping just means that you have to make a little more effort, you have to approach the people and try a little harder. (= Sitting alone somewhere hoping for somebody to notice you and talk to you won't work when you are on a campingsite.)

I hope this helps you decide what you want.

3. Posted by Terr0rX (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

thanks t mania,

but as I have already seen a lot of cote d azur and haute provence i find all the villages alike so i thought Id skip the villages and do the popular Rome,turin,venice,berlin,amsterdam,geneve spending maximum time in switzerland and staying in each city for a maximum of 2-3 days.(just see the popular landmarks)

And as I have never camped before I thought about living in hostels instead of taking the camping grounds.
So i guess train would be faster but the bike wold be more enjoyable as id get to see some villages if i decide to strave off the highways.

4. Posted by treplow (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I won't comment on what to see and not to see in the time your have; I think t_maia covers this will. Using a 125cc motorcycle, in my opinion, will be an excersice of frustration. You will be competing with all those Bimmer cyscles and high speed cars on the autobahns, autoroute, autostradas, etc., as you are moving from place to place. And if you are not an experienced cyclist, you are also at a safety risk.

5. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

just get on your bike and go! It doesn't matter how many countries you 'pass through', the count doesn't matter, it's the thrill of doing it.
Wish I was you (never ridden a motorcycle - hey maybe I'll learn, thanks!), open roads, nobody telling you where to go. If you don't like a place what's to stop you from leaving.
Be free and enjoy it. Take a notebook and make notes, you're grandkids will love to read it in years to come....

6. Posted by Terr0rX (Budding Member 5 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

thanks a lot zaksame and treplow .
I think Im an OK motorcyclist having ridden on hellish roads in India with crazy motorists I Think the mild european traffic wont affect me.
But Speed is a major problem as iv noticed there arent enough rest stops or motels along the autoroutes in france ( i dont know about the rest of them) I dont know wether the small motor might get me from A to B before i get tired.(I think depending on the bike it may get to a maximum of about 80-90kmph)
So i might have to do some planning.
I loved the idea of maintaining a journal , Thanks.
Yeah so maybe Ill travel for a week and get the feel of things, if it doesnt work maybe then Ill take my dads car and go around europe!( but cars are a lot less portable and a burden on the mind!!!!) or ill take the train!