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Hi everyone..I have just joined this site. I am an Australian but am travelling around Europe at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to get some travel tips and possibly give you guys some too. Looking forward to getting to know a few of you.

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Hi Bobbybob. I've kinda already said hi but thought I would do again and welcome to the site


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Welcome to Travellers point. You will find alot of good information and tips on your travels here and make alot of good friends.
May i suggest while you are travelling Europe you take yourself to Scotland, it is a wonderful place for scenry and culture,and the people are very friendly.Edinburgh and Glasgow are great cities and have alot of good hostels to choose from.I'm Scottish so i can recommend it to you.
Happy Travels


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Welcome BobbyBob!

Whereabouts are you from in Australia? Babe's a big Scotland fan as you can see -- and rightly so too I say ;) Edinburgh rocks - I'd have to give it my thumbs up as favourite city in the UK. Are you going to make it to Eastern Europe at all? Budapest is a must if you head in that direction.

Cheers, Peter

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Thank you for your warm welcome.
Babe...you will be happy to know that I have been living in Edinburgh for the past 8 months. When I first came over I worked in London, but I only lasted one month. I went travelling fora bit and then decided to move up to Scotland. Very glad I did. I love it!!
Peter...I am from Country Victoria originally. Lived in Melbourne for a few years before coming over here. What about yourself?? I am actually heading around eastern europe at the beginning of November. Fly into Austria and then through Hungary and ROmania...any tips would be appreciated.
Rach....hello again.

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Hi Bobbybob,

I'm in Melbourne. I came from Holland 8 years ago and haven't really looked back :)

Good idea to head for Hungary and Romania! I hope I can get back in that area sometime and spend a bit longer and visit Romania as well.. We only spent time in Budapest, but there is so much to do there still. Of course you should go to the baths at least once. We went to the Gellert, which is the one most famous from pictures, etc.. but also most expensive of course. Quite a special occassion though. Actually, one of my highlights was visiting one of the local cinemas - this particular one was very Ottoman in its interior - absolutely beautiful! It was also one of the few showing English films, although we only wanted to go there to see what it was like inside. Also, if you're into knicknacks, second hand cameras, Soviet pins, etc.. try to get to one of the flea markets around town. The prices are so low that you feel like you need to buy everything. I'm sure you'll have a great time whatever you do.

Cheers, Peter

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Hi Bobbybob

My cuz Ross has been traveling around Europe recently, he lives in Sydney and his fave places have been St Petersberg, Moscow and Dubrovnik. I personally love Prague its awesome, amzing buildings and excellent beer also very cheap. Paris is really nice but way expensive also Amsterdam is cool.

Im planning to emigrate to aus next year, where do you reckon is the best place to live? Also we are going to do a bit of traveling when we first get to Aus, what are your recommendations.